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The other day my girls and I stopped at a local kebab shop for dinner. The place was empty, and we got our food rather quickly. While we ate, people began to pour in, and throughout the rest of our meal, there was a long line to both order and receive food.

It was a case of good timing.

I began to ponder the idea of timing the other day when I came very close to missing my annual mammogram appointment. A co-worker had asked me a question which prompted me to look at my iCalendar, and that was when I realized that the next morning at 7:30 am I had my mammogram scheduled.

Had she not asked me that question, I most likely would have been out on my morning walk the next day at 7:30 rather than getting my boob flattened between two glass plates.  And had I missed it, God knows when I would’ve realized I missed it, and even further, how long it would’ve taken me to make a new appointment.

I’m no stranger to this oddity of timing…stuff like that has happened to me before.

I wouldn’t have the job I have now were it not for freaky timing. At the time I was transitioning from one job to another, working both simultaneously. I had no reason whatsoever to look on Craigslist – I already had more jobs than the average Joe. But something, I don’t know what, told me to look.

And there was my job. I had worked for the company before, and emailed the publisher asking if I could talk to her about the job. A week later I was hired, and my life improved 1,000%.

And I still think back to a month or so ago when my girls and I were almost crushed by a falling tree while driving home. Had a truck not stopped traffic for a moment in order to make a U-turn, we might have been under that tree.

What causes those quirky little instances? Is there meaning behind them? Some sort of Divine intervention or a nudge from a guardian angel? Or is it just the oddity of timing?



I know, I know…I’ve been remiss in keeping up with my blog. Shame on me. But in my defense, things have been really crazy this month.

I started my new job as the editorial designer for the Fluvanna Review. It’s a little paper that serves the rural county I live in. It’s no New York Times, but it keeps the locals informed. What I love about it is a) It’s creative, b) the hours are flexible, and c) it’s a 4 minute drive from my house.

My other job, designing for a high-end real estate office, has been a real emotional roller coaster. Before I left for vacation, my understanding was I’d work from home Monday & Tuesday, and be in the office the rest of the week.

But when I got into the office the Wednesday after vacation, my boss handed me a pile of ads to be worked on, and said “oh, I almost forgot. We really need someone here 5 days a week, so we are trying out someone new on Monday and Tuesday.” The gist was, if she worked out, I’d be out for good.

Part of me was shocked.  I mean, they didn’t even try to see if my new schedule would work. The other side of me understood where she was coming from.

The entire office, my boss being the main offender, is very used to me being their little graphics monkey…I am here to perform for them at will. They don’t like the idea of having to wait, or having to think ahead. With me at my desk 5 days a week, they can give me last-minute stuff, and I get it done. But that doesn’t wash if I’m only in the office 3 days a week- this requires them to schedule my time, and they don’t like that at all.

But it turns out they don’t really like this new girl. She’s 100% capable of doing the job – hell she’s even a real tech wiz, which I am not. But her interpersonal skills suck. She’s a bit of a know-it-all, and she has already clashed heads with the boss in the course of two weeks.

My only problem with her is that I’m not even gone yet, and she’s moved a ton of my files around. Now when I open an ad or a postcard, nothing links. If they wind up canning her (and that’s the word that’s going around) I’ll be stuck trying to undo all her crazy reorganizing.

So with all this PLUS my three other freelance jobs (yes, at present I have FIVE jobs), it’s no wonder I haven’t had the time to write about my silly little life. I hope that once the dust settles, I’ll have more time to devote to being Typical Tracy.


This morning had to be late for work. My daughter’s school had a two hour delay, which meant school started at 10:25. I’m supposed to be at work at 9:30. I was fully aware of the deficit in time.

I had discussed this with the office manager yesterday, saying that I would stay late to make up the time – today is one of my half days at work, and I’m usually off at 1:30. I figure no biggie, I’ll stay until 3.

I am always very honest about my time. I hate being late, I hate feeling like I’ve cheated my employer of hours. If I’m stuck in traffic getting back from lunch on Monday, I will come in 15 or 20 minutes early on Tuesday to make it right – even if they don’t know about the deficit in time. It’s about keeping it equal and right in my mind that counts.

That being said, one of the first emails I read this morning was from my boss, saying I needed to make up the time today or tomorrow, not “after hours.” I quickly responded saying that I wasn’t sure what “after hours” meant, but that I planned on staying until 3 pm today.

It turns out she was concerned I might try to “make up the hours” during times when we were out of the office, like before or after closing. And I was super insulted at this.

I’ve been here over two years, and I don’t feel like I’ve given them any reason to doubt my honesty. I have only asked to work from home because of bad weather and in sickness – and only on a handful of occasions. All other times I am at my desk, at the ready for whatever is asked of me.

I thought of the conversation I’d had with my daughter on our way to school this morning. I told her I had to stay late at work to make up the time, and not to worry if I were a wee bit late picking her up. I further went on to say that in the future, if she had late openings, she may have to get herself ready and take the bus because I can’t be late for work too often.

And when I get to work, I see that email which makes me feel like if the boss hadn’t said anything, she figures I might have tried to scam out of making up the time.

What insults me more, is an hour and a half deficit is immediately red flagged and commented upon. Yet the fact that I regularly show up early to work, sometimes 3o minutes or more, is forgotten. I can assure you that I am in the red when it comes to hours. They owe me way more than I owe them.

It was a cruddy way to start my day. I feel so devalued. Like I’m just 30 man hours per week…nothing more.

girl clock

I’ve been a housewife for almost two weeks now, and let me tell you – the day goes by really quick!

When I was at the office, time would absolutely drag – unless I was really busy. By 10 am I’d be thinking about lunch, and by 2:30 I’d be thinking about quitting time. But now that I’m at home, it seems like before I know it, the kids are getting off the bus.

I’m still getting up really early – time’s not being wasted there! I drive the girls to school; that’s an hour out of my day. I come home, make breakfast, take my walk, do some cleaning up, go to the store, clean some more and the next thing I know, the bus is rumbling past. It’s amazing.

So far I am LOVING staying at home. Women who don’t have to work do not realize how lucky they have it. Yesterday I had to drive to town to cash a check, and I stopped and took a long walk along a trail. I passed lots of other women and I wondered if they were all fortunate enough to not have to work.

I know right now this homebody thing is a novelty to me. If I’m not back to work in a month I may be singing a different tune – taking care of my tiny little house day after day after day may become monotonous. Besides, my bank account will probably have dwindled enough to keep me from doing much more than sitting at home by then.

On a side note, I saw the first issue of my paper that was done without me, and I have to say the cover looked like absolute shit. It made me smile.

Here it is Monday, and I’m still scratching my head wondering where my weekend went. This happens to me week after week, and I have to admit – it’s beginning to get under my skin.

The culprits are not evil villains whose master plan is to ruin my weekend, they are simply my family who like everyone else on the planet, have things that need getting done. The problem is, every errand, project and outing seems to involve me.

Let’s take a few minutes and dissect my weekend. The kids had Friday off, so in the morning I took my 17 year old to get her learner’s permit. I know, I know she should’ve been driving by now. But she was both lazy about studying for the test, and scared shitless about getting behind the wheel. In any case, she passed with flying colors.

After a few hours at the office we went out shopping for Halloween decorations. My youngest had her heart set on buying this one motion activated ghoul – it was $25 at Target, and although I wasn’t nuts about it, she was, so we bought it.

After a dinner of overdressed salad (yuck) at TGIF (the girls choice, not mine) I grabbed some groceries, filled up the tank, and headed home. It was 7:00 pm by the time we walked in the door.

Saturday morning my oldest was taking the SAT’s so I was up before 6 a.m. After dropping her off my youngest and I went to Lowe’s and Walmart, followed by an hour of laundry & dishes. After picking my daughter up from SATs I took her to lunch, the market and then came home to clean my closets, which took a few hours. Then we watched Prom Night – the old Jamie Lee Curtis version. What a piece of shit.

And talking of pieces of shit, the motion activated ghoul we bought only went off if you waved your arms maniacally and screamed at the top of your lungs. We deemed it an epic failure, and packed him back in his box.

That meant a trip back into town on Sunday to return the defective ghoul. That turned into Halloween costume shopping where I spent 2 hours in an overly warm Kmart slipping costumes over my 10 year old’s head, and subsequently off again. Lunch and a trip to the market ate up more of my afternoon. We didn’t get home until 4:30.

I then had to put highlights in my hair, shower, and then drive my oldest to a party at 6. Back home, make dinner, eat, clean, and by 8 pm I was able to sit. But I had to go back out at 9 to pick up my daughter from the party.

As I was driving in the dark, which I hate, to pick her up, I was thinking about the weekend, and I kind of got mad. My girls ask a ton of me, and I comply 90% of the time. But every now and then I have to put up my hand and say “no.”

I tell them that mommy needs some time to herself. Week after week I use up 85% of my weekend on stuff for them: driving here, shopping there, homework and projects and fixing the “mom, I’m boreds”. Then all week long I work for the man, earning a paycheck.

I can’t remember the last time I sat down to read a book. Or to finish my knitting. I’ve always got to BE somewhere. And the kicker? When I tell them “no” I feel horribly guilty, like I’ve let them down. Then if I cave and do what they want I do it angrily…that’s not cool either.

So far my next 2 out of 3 weekends are booked. Maybe I should just take a weekday off…