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Today is the March for Our Lives. Across the country millions of kids, moms, fathers, sisters and brothers who are sick and tired of being mowed down at school by crazed gun men with semi-automatic rifles are going to march nationwide in support of sensible gun control laws.

And where will I be? Hosting a sweet 16 birthday party for my daughter at a trampoline park. When I booked the party I totally zoned out on the fact that it was the same day as the march. By the time I realized it, I couldn’t reschedule.

So here I am, a mother in the Resistance, buying balloons and cutting birthday cake when I should be carrying a sign, while fighting the NRA and this shit-show of an administration.




In late May of 2016, I unknowingly took my last drive down to see my father in Palm Coast, Florida.

We usually head East on I-64 and then hit I-95 for the duration of the 11 hour drive. But this year hubby got the idea for us to take an inland route to try and shave some time off our journey. In retrospect, this wound up being a huge bummer.

First of all, we got lost pretty early on. There was an exchange outside Farmington, VA that we totally missed, and we travelled a good 15 or 20 miles before I figured out something was amiss. We needed to turn around and go back.

But rather than backtrack to the place where we missed the turn, we tried to navigate our way through backroads in an attempt to recoup the time we had lost. And in doing that, we got even more lost.

For me, it wasn’t so much the getting lost that still remains with me today. It was the countryside we got lost in. We passed through several small Virginia towns that at any other time might have seemed quaint or charming.

But in late May of 2016? It was wall to wall trump signs. That entire, miserable trip down to my dad’s was nothing more than a marathon of small, trump-loving country towns. I feel like had we taken our usual route down I-95, I may not have been so assaulted with signs proclaiming support for the lying, orange conman.

And to make matters worse…we took the same way back home.

My dad died shortly after we got back from that trip. So the memory of my last journey to Florida? Yeah, it’s really marred. It’s soiled. It’s tarnished. It is also eerie. My dad hated trump as much as I do. He never got to cast his vote for Hilary.

That endless parade of trump signs? They haunt me. Especially now when the country is spiraling into disaster. It would have killed my dad. Seriously. Had he not died before the election, I think he would have given up by now.


It is no secret that I deeply despise the person most of you call President. That being said, when I heard about the March for Truth in Washington DC on Twitter a few months back, I decided I wanted to go.

My girls were all for it, more for the trip to DC than to stand up against our crooked disaster in chief. Hubby? He wasn’t thrilled. For the weeks leading up to the date of the protest, he tried to get me to attend ones closer to home…in Richmond or in Charlottesville, where we both work.

But there was something in me that felt the need to stand in the shadow of the White House and send a giant “Fuck You” to trump. It’s not as if we are that far from the Nation’s Capitol…just a few hours through the Virginia Countryside and then *gulp* up I-95. We can make the trip there and back in one day.

We decided to avoid the hassle of parking in the city, and opted to take the Metro train in from one of the commuter stations. This proved to be a big mistake. You see, both my husband and suffer from motion sickness, and this Metro train to DC was in by no means a smooth ride.

The train lurched and leaned and bobbed and weaved, it stopped and started and sped and slowed. It was a 45 minute ride from hell, where I had to sit with a cold water bottle pressed up against my neck or cheek or forehead, depending on how hard I was trying to keep my breakfast down.

When we finally arrived at the Smithsonian station I was so thankful, but fully aware of the fact that I still had to make that same trip back later in the day. But like Scarlett O’Hara says, “I won’t think about that today…I’ll think about that tomorrow” and we headed for the Washington Monument.

It was a beautiful day…blue skies, sunny, warm, but with enough of a breeze to make it bearable. The rally wasn’t to start for an hour or so, and we took that time to get closer to the white house, where I flipped trump the bird, followed by a trip to a food truck where my girls each ate a hot dog.

As the time for the rally to begin drew closer, more and people started to show up and gather in front of the stage, most with signs, flags and t-shirts. We had nothing. I didn’t want to have to carry a sign on the Metro train, possibly inviting trouble from a trumpling. All I had was “covfefe” printed on the back of my sing bag in black Sharpie. In the end I was sorry I didn’t have a sign.




It was quite an experience…chanting, cheering, and booing with other Americans who are also disgraced by what is going on in our country…the lies, the evasion, the idiotic tweeting by the man child in charge, and all with the White House in clear view.


After several speeches, the crowd moved to a spot on the grass right next to the Washington Monument, and formed our bodies to spell “Investigate trump.” My family and I make up the bottom part of the “R” in trump. Groups of photographers were raised up in a scissor lift to try and capture the image.

Unfortunately it wasn’t high enough…the letters are hard to make out. Oh well…the sentiment is there.


After the rally we scarfed down a food truck lunch and poked around the Air & Space museum. But before long, hubby and my dogs were beginning to bark and we still had the long ride on the Metro to endure before we got to our car.

This Metro ride was far worse. There was a pack of very loud kids on the same car as us for most of the ride….the noise coupled with the sickening movements of the train were enough to swear me off the Metro forever.

I may head back up to DC for more rallies and marches in the future. Even though the event was on the small side, it felt good to feel like I was part of an attempt to speak out against all the crap being fed to us by this crooked administration. I was part of a group of like-minded folks who aren’t going to take trump’s bullshit lying down.

I just know that if I do head back…I’m driving all the way in. The Metro can go blow long and hard.


It’s no secret that I hate Donald trump. I am patiently waiting for his impeachment, but I am guessing a major White House probe takes some time. So, in the meantime, here are a few things  I do to make me feel a wee bit better until trump is shown the back door to the White House, preferably in cuffs.

I refuse, flat out refuse to refer to him using the “P” word, other than to hashtag #NeverMyPresident. I’ll call him the Disaster in Chief, but never by the “P” word. He’s not worthy of it.

I have decided I will not use a capital letter in his name. He is not a proper person, so he is not entitled to a capital letter on his name. It’s silly, but I simply love doing it.

I refuse to fly the American flag. My husband was able to procure a few very large American flags from when he worked at a major entertainment venue. For years on national holidays we would drape one or more of these flags off our front deck.


No comments about how it’s touching the ground. Hubby fixed it after he saw the photo.

But I refuse to do this while trump is still in office. I feel so unpatriotic about how things are going in Washington that I feel like flying this flag that I love would by hypocritical.

Ditto on singing the National Anthem. Thank goodness I never have to recite the Pledge of Allegiance because I don’t know if I could get through that one either.

Most days I pass a chalkboard wall near my office called the Freedom of Speech wall. And each time, if there is chalk and available space, I write #RESIST and “trump lies.”


Many who see me writing it smile and nod once I’m done. So far I’ve never had anyone yell at me for it, but I see it erased or altered a lot. No biggie.

For a while some asshole was writing “THANKS ICE” on the wall. He’s entitled to his opinion, but not a day went by where it didn’t wind up saying “THANKS ICE CREAM” or “THANKS RICE” or “THANKS LICE” compliments of yours truly.

These are small, insignificant acts. My constant Twittering against trump, my Ides of trump postcards I mailed out, and the various other tactics I used to show my disrespect and displeasure towards the douchebag in the White House may be silly, but they make me feel so much better.

I may be petulantly persisting, but it’s a hell of a lot better than complacently complying.



I woke up on election day feeling fantastic. I had a spring in my step, and was looking forward to heading out to the polls, no matter how long the line. I took my 14 year old daughter, in the hopes that she would be a part of this historic election. And, as I cast my ballot for Hillary Clinton, I had to hold back the tears.

Well we all know how that turned out.

My daughter and I could not stay up for the results. I knew things were going badly. I had nightmares all night long – ones of giant orange dinosaurs chasing me and my family who were frantically trying to hide anywhere we could.

When I woke up at 5 am, I turned on the TV to find out he had won. I turned it back off, got up, and in zombie-like fashion, played Candy Crush. I could not scan my Facebook feed. I could not go on Twitter. And most importantly, I refused to watch the news. Instead, I watched I Love Lucy and The Brady Bunch until it was time to head to work.

Ah work. The morning after the election, my office had a staff retreat. As everyone waited in line for coffee, we all started talking about how stunned we were with the election results, and how despondent we all were about the future of our country. We voiced our fears and our concerns, and it made me realize I was dead right about something I had said to my husband earlier that morning.

I told him I was more thankful than ever to have my job, because I knew that no matter what hellishness was going on in the world outside, I got to wrap myself from 9-5 with folks who are creative, open-minded, and accepting; thankfully I work with a bunch of liberals. I was so very grateful for that on such a dark morning.

I’m also thankful that this same job that I love offers me health coverage. As costs for the options sky rocket, and as Trump is promising to repeal Obamacare, I no longer have to worry about where my health coverage is coming from and how much it’s going to cost me. I can’t tell you what a load off my mind that is.

I’m thankful that Trump is a huge liar – because I can only hope that all the hateful policies and promises he made during his campaign were just to get elected. He was never that conservative in the past, and I hope some of his former rational thinking bleeds into his administration. Yeah, I’m sort of banking on him reneging on every promise he made during his campaign.

Somehow I doubt it though. Newt Gingrich wanting a new House Un-American Activities Committee doesn’t exactly give me much to hope for.

The last thing I am thankful for, is that my father was not alive to see this. While I’d love to have him here, I really think he would’ve given up the first time he heard the words “President-elect Trump.”

I can tell you one thing I will do in a Trump world. I refuse to sing or stand for the national anthem until I see that Trump is really working for all Americans. Because as of now, he does NOT stand for the country I love. He does not stand for anything I believe in, and I refuse to show him any sort of respect until he earns it. I also refuse to call him President. Sorry, no can do.

I will give him a chance, though. I will not hope he fails because, unlike Rush Limbaugh who did just that when Obama took office, because I know that would be plain stupid for our country. I know he’ll do well, because with a Republican majority, there is nobody to cock-block him like they did to Obama at every turn. I just don’t know if the stuff he passes will be stuff I agree with.

So we shall see.

I learned one thing from this election…if you believe in Karma, you’re an asshole.

I say this because if there was ever a time in the history of the world where Karma should have come into play, it would have been for him to lose, and lose “bigly.”


The other night while I was making a batch of meatballs, I got a call from a CNN pollster wanting my opinions on the Presidential election.

Pretty cool, huh? Little ole Typical Tracy sharing her views and opinions in a national poll. So, if new poll numbers come out and Trump’s numbers have dropped, I can proudly say, “yeah, that’s me.”

Now you will have to bear with me. I’m not very adept at talking politics. It’s a subject that has always left me sort of stupefied… kind of like Chemistry or Star Trek. While I have opinions on this election, I find it hard to convincingly express my thoughts.

That having been said, I really despise Donald Trump. I don’t understand how anyone can be voting for him. I just don’t get it.

I know there are a lot of Trump followers who are voting for him only because they really hate Hillary Clinton. Fine. I may not get why they hate her, but at least their vote is more of a vote against Hillary than a vote for Trump.

But there are tons of people out there who are voting for Trump because they like him. And I just don’t get it.


He’s a fucking liar. Yes, Hillary has lied. Can anyone out there say they haven’t lied at some point in their lives? But Trump lies constantly. He will say A. on Monday morning. By Monday night, A. has been proven to be a lie, and then by Tuesday morning he will deny ever saying A. or, better yet, will find a spin on how it’s Hillary’s fault.

This happens several times a week. It never stops.

He, or his minions, never answer questions. It’s become page one of the Trump playbook: Deny and Deflect. I don’t think he really answered a single question during the debate in any specific terms. His answers are vague, giving little factual information, and then he falls back on his favorite dodge – pivot the heat off of him and blame it all on Obama and Hillary.

His minions do the same thing on every talk show. When asked a question, they deny and bring up 30,000 emails. They do it almost every time. Or, they deny and point blame at the current administration.

I always feel a little dizzy after watching Trumpbots argue a point. You feel like you just stepped out of a shit storm…no a shit hurricane. Okay, an F5 shitnado is more like it.

My point is, we are month away from the election and I know NOTHING OF ANY OF TRUMP’S POLICIES OR PLANS FOR THE COUNTRY IF, IN FACT, HE TAKES OFFICE.


But I do know how he feels about Rosie O’Donnell, Alicia Machado, and Elizabeth Warren.

I know he fat shames. God, he’d rake me over the coals.

I know he’s stiffed thousands of hard working small business who were unfortunate enough to go into business with. Hell, during the debate a Facebook friend of mine, someone from my hometown in New Jersey said her father was stiffed by Trump and he almost lost his business.

And Trump University? Don’t get me started.

Seriously, with all that is out there regarding his character, I just don’t get how anyone can actually like this guy let alone vote for him.

Now I guess I’ll wait for all the nasty grams.



My husband and I used to LOVE watching the Celebrity Apprentice. The board room scenes were the best, because it was fascinating to see Donald Trump back someone in a corner and then go for the jugular. It was good TV.

But as the weeks go by, I am really starting to despise Donald Trump. He never answers a question. Never. He calls names. He gives no examples or proof to back up his claims or proposed programs.

I have been waiting patiently for the other clown shoe to drop – for him to do something so egregious to where few Americans would forgive him, and his bid for the Presidency would be mercifully over.

The problem is, that the wackier this guy gets, the more “Uhmericuns” are eating it up. After super Tuesday, I came to a conclusion. We have a lot of really stupid, gullible people in this country.

Trump is promising a lot and will most likely deliver little, just like any As Seen on TV Product. You know, I bought one of those products once…Tag Away. It promised to get rid of skin tags, yet after a month of use, there was no improvement whatsoever. I had saved my receipt, and wrote for a refund, which they gave me, stating that in rare instances, a person’s body chemistry may cause the product to be ineffective.

But at least I got my money back, unlike the poor souls who went to Trump University.

Remember, Trump loves the uneducated. Because he knows all he has to do is wave a flag, and wear a Make America Great Again hat, and talk about gun rights and sending back all those raping Mexicans and his followers will cheer and cheer… and then go home to eat a dump cake wrapped in a Snuggie.

I just don’t get how anyone can buy what he is peddling, and then I remember how popular Big Bass Billy Mouth was.

singing-fish-original And it begins to make sense.


Facebook thumbs downThis post will be short and sweet. It’s a rant of sorts. I just need to vent.

Facebook is a funny place…you friend someone; a co-worker, a classmate; and after time, you find out what kind of a person they really are – good, bad or ugly. I’ve had to un-friend folks who used Facebook as a soapbox. Others, who post too many annoying meme’s or only post photos of their dog get their settings edited to where I only see their posts if they cure cancer.

Well tonight I saw this post…

Asshole Post



This gal is the parent of a girl my youngest played softball with. She has posted many things I have found to be idiotic. But this one? It takes the cake. Yeah, she’s a tea bagger. An Obama hater. But this kind of disrespect toward Nelson Mandela is taking things too far.

Why would you make such a hateful comment about a man who suffered so greatly did nothing but try to help his fellow man?

What an asshole.

I wrote a comment along the lines of “maybe it was out of respect for a great humanitarian.” My comment was both liked and echoed. All she wrote back was a disgruntled “maybe.”

My last comment to her was that Bush ordered flags at half mast when the Pope died – did she object to that? I’m curious as to what her answer will be. I also told her to back away from the tea.

I don’t really care about this person. I’m almost embarrassed to be associated with such a douchebag…I think I’ll just pull the plug on the Facebook friendship.

With the Presidential election looming near it’s getting so I can’t stand to be on Facebook these days. Instead of innocuous posts about kids and television, folks are bashing candidates like cage fighters, and it’s annoying the hell out of me.

I know squat about politics. Much like chemistry, basketball or Suduko, I have no aptitude for it. I think it may be because it’s too complex. There are times I’ll try to sit down and understand the issues and the entire process of it all, but 10 minutes later my eyes are glazed over and my brain has wandered far, far away.

The debates were last night, but they didn’t start until 9 which is bad for me. That’s my snuggle in bed and drift off to sleep hour – and let me tell you – the debate made that task that much easier. I tried to listen – but I don’t think either of them were telling the truth so it made it really boring. It was all “I’m gonna do this and I’m gonna do that,” much like phrases such as “I’ll start my diet on Monday,” as you shovel in another slice of cheesecake.

So I wake up this morning and check Facebook and it’s non-stop posts about who won and who lost and he sucks and he blows and I’m not a racist. Facebook has become a “nyah-nyah” cyberspot – a place to flip a political bird to your “friends.”

I don’t discuss politics on Facebook. Partly because I have no business doing it because as I’ve stated prior, I know squat. But I’ll tell you this – do these folks think that their posts bashing the President are going to change my mind? One person wrote:

Didn’t the auto industry get saved though? How did that kill jobs? Isn’t much of our debt a result of the war which Bush got us mixed up in? And as for playing golf I found this online – albeit from 2011, but it’s somewhat telling:

So far, President Obama has taken 61 vacation days after 31 months in office. At this point in their presidencies, George W. Bush had spent 180 days at his ranch where his staff often joined him for meetings. And Ronald Reagan had taken 112 vacation days at his ranch.

Among recent presidents, Bill Clinton took the least time off — 28 days.

I don’t post about politics because I kind of don’t know all the facts – I think many of my friends should follow my lead and not post a broad statement that they heard on Fox news.

We need less “nyah – nyahing” and more facts. Playing the blame game? That’s the Real Housewives method of debating. So I challenged all my Facebook friends. If they love a candidate so much, why not post about all the good stuff he’s done rather than bashing the opponent? Maybe it’s because they really don’t love their candidate – maybe they just hate Obama.

It’ll be interesting to see how many facebook middle fingers I get today.

Postcript: My first comment to my Facebook challenge? “Obama sucks ass.”

I need new facebook friends.

Yesterday, life strapped me in and took me on a roller coaster ride of a day.

President Obama was scheduled to hold a rally not only in my town, but a mere two blocks from where I work. His campaign offices are just about catty-corner to mine, so it was easy for me to get tickets to the rally just in case my family had any interest in going.

It would mean taking the kids out of school, a thing that hubby – despite all his years of cutting class back in the 70’s – frowns upon. Yet we both agreed that seeing the President live and in person would be an acceptable reason to miss a day of school. We just had to figure out if we wanted to go through the hassle of the lines and security. It would be a long, hot wait if we decided to go. In the end, realizing that neither child would be missing anything vital that Wednesday, we opted to attend.

The day dawned sunny and bright. With no kids to ready for school, I got out of the house early which was a necessity – parking around my offices was going to come at a premium and the early bird catches the parking space! During my drive in the local news was reporting a murder/suicide where 4 people were killed, and news about the President’s visit, street closures, etc.

My plan was to get as much work done as possible before noon, meet up with hubby and the girls at my offices, and walk up to the rally to spend 3 hours in line. With Howard Stern on vacation, and not really digging his “best of” special this week, I did not have my headphones on as I usually do and could hear all the typical office banter as I did my work.

The head of the sales department was giving her usual pep talk to her team and a few times had mentioned the absence of a staff member, Beth. She had been out sick the day before, and having not heard from her yet that morning was worried. I remember her saying “It’s not like her to sleep in, even if she’s sick.” I heard her leave a voice message on her phone.

At around 11 am my family arrived. I was in the middle of building an ad that I wanted to finish before I left for the day, so I told them to busy themselves for 15 minutes or so. A few minutes later my boss entered asking if we could circle up. I was expecting to get a speech about the President’s visit and taking time off and parking and what’s to be expected of us.

Instead he says, “I’ve never had to do this before. Last night Beth was killed.”

Killed? Not died. Not passed away. Killed – which implies intent and malice. And violence.

I know I audibly gasped. I know my hand went to my mouth. I know I didn’t hear anything else my boss had to say.

While I did not work closely with her, she was a living, breathing soul who my living breathing soul passed daily on the way to the bathroom or in the kitchen. I remember just last month totally botching the signing of her birthday card.

We have two Beths in the office, and I was lead to believe the card was for the other one. Not wanting to write something lame like, “Happy Birthday, Beth!”  I drew a little picture and wrote something appropriate for Beth number 2, not realizing the card was for Beth number 1. When I realized my blunder, I approached her and said something like, “you must think I am a total numbskull” and explained the mishap. I even thought of making her a little mini birthday card of her own as a funny little apology, but didn’t.

Now I wish I had.

It turns out she was a part of that 4 person murder-suicide that was reported on the morning news. All the details aren’t out yet, but my coworker and her 3 children, are all dead.

I left the office and met my family for lunch, where my husband, in his usual wishy-washy fashion, began to waffle on our decision to take the kids out of school. But I couldn’t concentrate on that, and I have to admit I got annoyed.

We walked up to wait in line, and once our tickets were ripped and we took our place amongst the thousands of other spectators we had 3 hours to stand around and think.

It’s hard to keep a 16 & 10 year old occupied on a hot August day where all you can do is stand in one place for an hour. We played a few rounds of 20 questions. I had my daughter tell me in great detail about the last episode of “Pretty Little Liars.” President Obama owes me big time for that one.

And I thought about Beth. I thought about how scared she must have been, and it made me really sad. I thought about her last few weeks at work – they were tough ones. Our sister publication just put their biggest issue of the year to press, and it’s particularly rough on the sales reps. I know that she had been one of the top sellers, so she must have worked really hard. It was over and behind her, and now she’s just gone.

The hour finally came where we were ushered into the Pavilion and phase two of operation hurry up and wait commenced. We were put through metal detectors, our bags meticulously searched, and our bodies wanded. I was surprised the Secret Service didn’t confiscate my eye-liner sharpener that I had in my bag. I was fully expecting to have to give that up for the cause.

After that we made it to the inside of the Pavilion and staked out our spot. Our vantage point was fantastic – we were around 30 feet from the podium where the President would speak from. And we still had 2 hours to wait.

We sat on the concrete floor for a while, talked about this and that, texted a friend or two, and then the urge hit me. Quite typical of Tracy, I had to pee.

This wasn’t going to be an easy feat. While there was a barricade directly to my right which separated the throngs from the handicapped section, they wouldn’t let you jump the barricade – even though it gave you easy access to the bathrooms.

Instead, I had to take my daughter by the hand and weave, pardon, excuse me and sorry about that my way through THOUSANDS of people packed like sardines. I tried to be as kind and apologetic as possible, but there were still a bunch who grumbled. And if I thought getting to the bathroom was hard, getting back was even worse.

However, once that little chore was over with, the waiting went relatively quickly. We had to suffer through 30 minutes of a banjo playing quartet…I don’t mean to disparage the banjo, but it got tedious after that long. Then came out some folks to talk about volunteering, followed by speeches from former governor Kaine, and former Congressman Perriello.

Then came the big man himself. After a short speech from a UVA student, President Obama was introduced and out he walked. In the flesh. Right before my very eyes.

I think between my husband, my 16 year old and I, we took about 160 photos and a bunch of video of the rally. Being so close, and having a decent zoom on my little Canon, I was able to get some decent shots. Unfortunately, many of them show the President’s face contorted in speech, or with closed eyes, but this is why I took so many.

He spoke for about 40 minutes, and it was truly thrilling. For 4 years I’ve seen him on television, and in print, but here he was right in front of me. I wish my dad, who is a robo-democrat, could’ve been there. He would have truly cherished that moment.

Afterwards we joined the throngs of people trying to leave the venue which in itself was a sight to see. I’m sure the businesses on the Downtown Mall appreciated all the money they made yesterday – lines for ice cream at all three locations were out the door.

And I’m really glad we took our kids. They got to see what it’s like to rally behind someone or something – to join forces and cheer for what you believe in. I saw later that day that my oldest had joined the “Students for Obama” page on Facebook. I “liked” that in more ways than one.

My day started with a tragedy, and ended with some hope for the future. There is so much political bashing on Facebook and in the media – both sides are guilty of it. But yesterday all I could really think about was that I was grateful to be alive and breathing, plain and simple. I thought of my co-worker, whose life was senselessly extinguished for reasons unknown.

You never know when that hammer is going to fall. Yesterday I had my family with me, in the sunshine, listening to the President. All the rest is bullshit.