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Did any of you view the solar eclipse yesterday?  I for one wasn’t sure I was going to be able to

First there was the business of finding glasses. Like usual, I procrastinated until about 9 days before the eclipse. I found glasses reasonably priced on Amazon, but with all the phonies out there, and the fact that I sort of hate Amazon (trump/Breitbart) I never ordered them. Plus, I had looked at the forecast for the 21st and saw that there was a real possibility of cloud cover and *gasp!* rain. My thought was, why spend $40 on glasses if I can’t use them?

Then I found out that our local library was giving them away. I called to find out if they still had any left, and they had given out their last pair just an hour before. Typical.

But the librarian told me that you could get a pair if you attended their viewing party at 1:00 pm the day of the eclipse! Yay! Glasses. Boo! I have to work.

My solution was to send my daughters to the viewing party and for hubby and I to wing it in town. Older daughter did not have to work, and younger daughter’s school was doing ugats in the form of eclipse viewing, so I wrote a note excusing her from school at 12:45…after all, how often do you get to skip school to view an eclipse???


A few days before the big event, I found out that the local library in Charlottesville was also handing out glasses. This turned out to be very clusterfuckish. I showed up at the library a good hour before the line for their viewing party was to begin. In the lobby I was “greeted” by a very snarky woman who spent the next 10 minutes rolling her eyes and huffing and puffing because she had to repeat “the rules” several times. There were only 300 pair of glasses for all of Cville….rats. I was going to have to make my own luck.

Deciding to ignore “the rules” I high-tailed it up to the 3rd floor where the event was to take place and found 4 others quietly sitting in a small foyer. We began to quietly chat confirming that we were all here to try to get dibs on the glasses. After several elevator dings later throngs of noisy people were crowding the small foyer, thus drawing the attention of other library personnel who made us all skedaddle unless we had a physical impairment that made climbing steps impossible.

Busted. We all  had to go down to the children’s library and get in line. The crowd for the elevator down to the main floor was large, so rather than wait like a good sheep, I took another hallway and found the steps down to the children’s library. I was about 70th in line, and beat all my foyer buddies who took the elevator. Long story short, I got my glasses!

The line for glasses went out the door, down the street and around the corner. Poor dudes. It was hot out, and probably zero chance for any of them to get glasses. But the minute I had the sun in plain view, I put those puppies on and took my first look at the 2017 eclipse.

I was so excited! It was all working out! My girls had their glasses back home, and hubby and I could view it in town! Hooray! I was sharing the glasses with co-workers and hubby…and then…

21015836_10155144154914332_5680576542622452146_oClouds. And rain.

I was bummed to the core, but didn’t lose hope. At the time when the eclipse was to peak, I ran up to hubby’s work, in the rain, on the off chance that the skies would clear for us.

And you know what? They did. Right at peak coverage, a tiny hole in the clouds appeared just enough for us to view the eclipse. While it was only 87% coverage, it was still very, very cool.

Shortly thereafter the clouds blew elsewhere and we were able to see the back side of the eclipse. My girls weren’t so lucky…the clouds did not cooperate for them to see anything more than the beginning and end.

Despite all the trouble and worries I had leading up to the eclipse, it all kind of worked out. That was cool.


By the Sea by the sea by the beautiful sea

Today was our first official day of vacation, and we spent most of it at the beach. The morning started off cloudy, which was kind of a bummer as we wanted to get to the sandy dunes of Flagler Beach as early as possible.

After breakfast I decided I could care less if it was cloudy out and we packed a lunch and headed for the ocean. I was glad we did. As many years as I have been coming down to Palm Coast to visit my dad and his wife I always forget that the weather at my dad’s house may not be the same weather at Flagler, a mere 6 miles down the road.

The beach was overcast, but was far from cloudy. I immediately grabbed for my can of sunscreen only to realize my husband must have broken the nozzle…it would not emit the fine spray of SPF 50 protection my skin thirsted for. Instead, a thin drizzle of watery lotion spurted out. I guess beggars can’t be chosers. I slathered both kids with it in the hopes it would be enough protection.

And boy did the sun come out. I, counting on cloud cover, did NOT bring my sunglasses or bother to put contact lenses in. Needless to say I was blinded for a good part of the day. I did go to the car and dig out a crooked, dirty, VA State Trooper hat out of the trunk and spent the remainder of the afternoon looking like a real fashion plate on the beach. But at least I had less of a glare after that.

It got hot too. But, not wanting to lose my prescription glasses to waves of the Atlantic Ocean, I didn’t venture in past my hips. The water was amazing. Cool enough to refresh, but not so cold that you took 45 minutes to ease your way into the water. With the exception of the 15 minutes they took to eat their lunch and feed the birds, my kids were in the ocean for the entire 4 hours we were at there.

As I watched them boogie board and frolic in the water, it brought me back to the years I spent at the beach as a kid. We went to Martha’s Vineyard, where the water was MUCH colder and MUCH rougher. And, just like my girls, I spent the entire time at the beach in the water riding waves and getting bamboozled and having a freaking blast.

I’m glad I can give my kids the same kind of vacation that I remember as a child so fondly. It makes me feel great. Now, the girls are in the pool awaiting showers and dinner. I do believe they may sprout gills by the end of our time here.

And tomorrow? Mom wears her contacts, her sunglasses and gets busy with a boogie board.