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This week I decided to kick my nonexistent diet and work out regime into high gear. Vacation in July will be here before I know it, and I had trouble buttoning my favorite summer shorts this past weekend.

So I am doing an experiment this week. I am sticking to a 1400 calorie a day diet, and working out 3 times per day. Not per week….per day.

A few weeks back I hooked up our old VCR to an equally old TV in our garage and made a little gym area. I have a zillion VCR tapes filled with movies, MTV videos and TV shows, and I thought it would make a session on the treadmill easier to bear. We threw a few old carpets so we could do some of my old aerobic tapes as well.

So, my routine this week has been a half hour on the treadmill (1.25 miles) while watching a movie, a long 2+ mile walk during my lunch, and a short, 20 minute aerobic/weights workout after dinner.

Last night I decided to pop my old Jane Fonda’s Step Workout video into the VCR. I have the whole kit shown in the photo above. I bought it in the 90s, and subsequently have done it hundreds of times.  I have it pretty much memorized. But I got a rude awakening last night.

I could barely make it through the starter song…the easy one that you pretty much get warmed up to. I did my 20 minutes worth, but I couldn’t do all the moves…there were times I had to either march in place or do moves that were less “intense” than the already lame/easy moves in the video.

Holy crap. I used to do this video with one hand tied.

So what’s a 52 year old gal to do when she can’t keep up with a Jane Fonda tape? I’ll tell you one thing, I’m not switching to Sweatin’ to the Oldies. I’m determined to master that tape once again.

And I’m curious to see what kind of results I get by week’s end. I’ll keep you posted.




When I was in college I took figure skating lessons for a whole semester, and I was pretty good. By the time I finished I could skate both forwards and backwards, and do both front and back crossovers. This was 1986.

Fast forward to 2000, when my husband landed a job at our local ice rink. We put our daughter in skating lessons, and she got to be pretty good too. I would still skate from time to time…I could still go forwards and backwards, but crossovers? Nah.

So I took adult lessons. And then I got pregnant. Not wanting to hurt the bun in the oven, I stopped my lessons. That was 2001.

Hubby recently began working at the same rink again. We got my younger daughter involved with skating lessons, and as I watched her unsteadily glide across the ice, it made me want to get out there with her.

So yesterday during my lunch I walked to the rink and slipped on a pair of skates. It was public session and the ice was sort of crowded. I gingerly stepped out on the ice and realized, with much dismay, that was not at all sure on my feet.

I hugged the wall 3/4 of the way around the ice, nearly losing my balance a time or two, and begged my husband to open up the door of the away-team bench so I could get the hell off. I couldn’t even make it back to where I had started. My head and body hurt from being so tense for the short time I was on the ice.

It really bummed me out. I used to glide with ease, helping my girls to skate, being the rock for them to lean on while they gained their footing. Now I’m just a fat fuddy-duddy hugging the wall.


Sidenote: Thank God I stopped myself before trying to show my youngest how to do a cartwheel a year or so back


Yesterday morning it occurred to me that I had a month left to my 40’s.

I really wanted to blog about it, but my soon-to-be 13 year old was having a Halloween slumber party and there was just no time to blog. Yes, on December 1st, a mere 28 1/2 days from now, Typical Tracy will turn 50.

(if WordPress allowed me to make type larger, this would be about 600 pt.)

While I am so not ready to be the big five-oh, I can only hope my 50’s will be better than my 40’s. I have come to the conclusion that it wasn’t a fun decade for me. I won’t go into the details of the how, why’s and when’s, let’s just hope my 50’s are a bit better.

lrs1482_1But 50 is scary. it’s the threshold of old lady-dom. In the blink of an eye I’ll be 60. SIXTY (where is that 600 pt. font size button?) By then it seems like I should have grey, short cropped permanently permed hair. Don’t all old ladies have that hairstyle? Isn’t it an old lady prerequisite to have this hairstyle?

I don’t want that hair! That hair is from another generation – where men were dapper and women demure. I was watching an old couple at the supermarket the other day. She was in her elastic waist pants and a sensible blouse, while her husband was clad in belted trousers, tucked in oxford shirt, and required hat.

I can’t imagine my generation will dress like that when we’re older. I look shitty in short hair. And why would I ever want it short AND curly?

I have to say, in the same trip to the store, I noticed a woman who I will most likely be in 20 years. I was putting my groceries in the trunk of the Sloviemobile, when a woman walked by dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, her gray hair in loosely plaited braids, and a baseball hat on her head.

Yeah, I think that will be me.

I can’t see myself as an old lady though. When I think of being 50 I can’t help but think of my mom – like how  my mom was when I was my daughter’s ages…and I don’t feel like my mom. While lovable and warm, my mom seemed like a sort of a fuddy-duddy.

I’m not a fuddy duddy!

Or am I? I doubt my girls would give me an honest answer.

I still feel like I’m in my 30’s. But I’m not…not by a long shot. Oh, this sucks. I’m thinking too much about this.