The many faces of Slovie

I started blogging in January of 2010 after my boss forced me to come up with yet another set of goals for the year. I wanted to set a fun goal – a creative goal rather than some stale work-related mountain to climb. And it came to me – I have all these stories to tell about my life. Not only ones from the past, but stuff that is happening on a day to day basis.

My mom died back in 1995, and when she left this earth, all her stories went with her. I knew very little about her childhood, teen years and young adult shenanigans.  I remember her telling me a story about beating a masher off with an umbrella, and I knew she had moved to Miami for a few years. Other than that, I know almost nothing. I didn’t want that to happen to my kids.

So, I began blogging about me. Sounds narcissistic, right? Absolutely! At first my blog was private and I told tales of life as a little Jersey girl. But my ego got the better of me…I wanted reactions from total strangers around the world! And here I am, creating a daily scrapbook for my two girls – some stories are old, others are a description of how our day went. But when I’m nothing more than dust in the wind, they’re going to know who their mom was.

So who am I? I am an absolute nobody who spends her time:

• Being a mom to 2 charmingly adorable girls
• Working as a Graphic Designer
• Cooking food that nobody likes
• Watching loads of reality TV
• Listening to Howard Stern on Sirius
• Showering love on my adorable tuxedo cat