A brand-spanking new Wegmans super market just opened up in Charlottesville.

This was big, big news. In a town filled with Krogers, Harris Teeters, Giant, and of course, Food Lion a new supermarket with a stellar reputation and a cult-like following was all anyone could talk about outside of the disastrous Presidential election.

My daughter and I went opening day. I am always up early, so when I realized the new Wegman’s was opening in half an hour, I roused my sleeping girl and we drove the 30 minutes to town to check it out. We got there at 8 am and the store was PACKED.

We spent an hour browsing, ogling, tasting and fighting the throngs of people trying to navigate their way through the unfamiliar store. I didn’t come away with a “WEGMANS FOREVER!” attitude… but the store was crowded, and my daughter was getting over a cold, so the shopping experience wasn’t stellar.

I gave the store a 2nd chance the next time I went. The wine I like was way cheaper than where I usually buy it (check!), but they didn’t carry the brand of maxi pads my daughter likes (uncheck!). The jury was still out.

I took my husband with me to the new Wegmans yesterday, and although the store was still packed, I reached a verdict. While searching for items like pasta sauce and juice, I realized that Wegmans does not carry a wide variety of products. When in the pasta sauce aisle they had 20 varieties of Wegmans sauces, but only 3 Classico brands. They also had a ton of Rao’s sauce, which I can’t afford, and a ton of Ragu and Prego, which just plain suck.

And that was pretty much it. 5 choices. WTF.

Same with the juice. I usually buy a juice blend by Welch’s or Tropicana to drink with breakfast. All they had was Wegmans, Newman’s Own, and one other brand that escapes  me now.

When I needed breakfast sausage my only brand choice was Wegmans. Tzatziki sauce? Wegmans only. Sorry folks, I need more.

Yeah, if I need fancy brie, good bread or ridiculously expensive whitefish spread, I’ll go to Wegmans. Other than that, I’ll stick to Food Lion and Giant where I get variety at good prices.

And if we ever get a Publix? THEN I’ll be excited.