About a month ago my husband and I realized something about our neighbors across the street…they didn’t seem to be there anymore. And this was very good news to me.

They weren’t really bad neighbors…they mostly kept to themselves. They had a few dogs that they never walked, but you rarely heard them bark either.

What they did have was a plethora of very loud vehicles. And this is what drove me crazy.

Most every morning for the last 5 years or more, I was greeted at 5:00 with the sound of a motorcycle warming up. Warming up for at least 15 minutes, and then revving loudly and peeling out of the driveway and down the road – a sound that did not fade for at least 60 seconds.

At 5:00 am.

They had 3 of these motorcycles. You never knew when a pleasant Saturday afternoon was going to be disrupted by the deafening drone of one of these Japanese monsters our neighbors loved to tool around on.

And then there was the car. Their son had a mustang convertible that might have had a muffler at one time, but clearly didn’t any longer. I have never heard a car so loud. He would spend at least 10 minutes in the driveway revving that thing up, and then, just like mom and dad did on the motorcycles, would peel out down the road.

I can’t tell you how many times I had to play back a part of a movie or tv show because sonny was on his way to work…his car would drown out everything.

This family was incapable of both buying a vehicle that didn’t break the sound barrier, and of exiting their driveway doing less than 45 mph.

I noticed one day on my way home from my walk, that all the vehicles were gone, and I thought that was odd. Their toter was at the curb…so I thought, maybe they were on vacation?

Nope. They are officially gone. Hubby spoke to a local cop and seems that they were foreclosed on. Perhaps they should have stopped at one ridiculously annoying motorcycle and paid their mortgage instead.

In any case I am glad. Glad for the peace and quiet, especially during this time of year where are doors and windows are open to enjoy the spring weather. And it gives me hope that I might get a new neighbor who is actually sociable…with a sensible vehicle.