Today during my morning walk, I passed the 900 mile mark. I had meant to make it to 1,000, but weather and time management got in my way during late November & December.

900 miles. It required me going out to walk 302 days out the the 365 – I only skipped 63 days the whole year – every other day, I walked.

Funny thing is, you’d think after 900 miles I’d be in much better shape. I’m not. I don’t feel like I’m in a better place physically than I was a year ago. If anything the opposite is true.

However, I have to wonder if I hadn’t walked that 900 miles, what kind of screwed up shape I’d be in. Perhaps being mobile most days of the year kept me alive.

I know I didn’t lose any weight…I didn’t drop a size. It just proves that exercise alone will not make a dent if you need to lose weight. But I did go through two pairs of sneakers.

One benefit of walking all year was my discovery of the podcast, especially ones that involve story telling. I don’t think I could’ve made it half the distance without all the funny, touching, bizarre stories told through podcasts like “Risk,” “Story, Story Night,” “RadioLab,” “The Moth,” and “Porch Light Storytelling Series.”

I recommend them all. Along with walking. I more than doubled my mileage compared to 2014. Why not get out and see how far you can travel in 2016?

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