In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Million-Dollar Question” which asked, “Why do you blog?”

Back in January of 2010, I was forced by my former boss to come up with my annual set of goals for the year. I always hated this particular task, mainly because it was the same crap every year. So I decided to get creative. I made starting a blog my main goal for 2010.

And here I am six years later.

What gave me the idea to blog was actually my mom. She died back in 1994, and as I thought back about her, I realized that there was very little I knew about her life. I only knew her as my mom…cooking, sewing, working at the school. But I never knew who her first boyfriend was, or if she had any dreams about what she wanted to be. I don’t think I knew what her favorite subject was in school, or where she went on vacation in the summer.

I might have asked her these questions when I was a kid, but if I did, I surely don’t remember the answers.

All of this made me sort of sad…I mean, with the exception of my memories of her as my mom, it’s like her life has been forgotten. There’s no journals or letters. I barely have any photos of her before she married my dad. It sucks.

And I realized I didn’t want that for my girls. So I began to write about things that happened to me growing up; the house I lived in, the places we went, and my many misadventures that are so typical of Tracy. I also journal things we do as a family, so they can look back at that as well.

All of this may hold zero interest to the average reader, but hell, the stories aren’t really for them, are they? Yet folks seem to like it. I have over 500 followers, which to some may seem laughable, but I’m pretty proud of it.

And these stories will be here forever. I love that. I love that after I’m gone my girls can read about how I got lost in Bratislava or how I fell during a high school track meet, or how I think Scrapple is disgusting. Even more, I love that some random person trolling the internet can read about how I used to love watching Shirley Temple movies on Saturday mornings, or about how I used to go to a nude beach (which, by the way, is by FAR my most popular blog post).

This is my biography, online and open to the world. To date I’ve written 430 Typical Tracy blog posts; this will be 431. And I’ve still got tons of stories to tell.