When I was in high school, at least one Friday of every month was spent doing the Time Warp and screaming “Where’s your fucking neck” at a movie screen. I hadn’t seen “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” in the theaters in probably 20 years.

I’d seen it numerous times, though. My girls and I would watch it on DVD, but it’s just not the same. The closest place to see it in the theaters is in Richmond, VA – but the thought of driving an hour for an 11:30 pm show is not what I would call a “can do” outing.

So when I saw it was playing on the night before Halloween at a theater right here in Charlottesville, it was a no duh. I was finally going to take my daughter to see Rocky Horror as it was meant to be seen…with a live audience. Sasha, a Rocky Horror fan from way back, was super excited to be going.

But it’s so cute…she was also worried. She knew that seeing Rocky Horror was a thing I shared with my friend John, and she was afraid that by our going, it was somehow going to sully those memories I shared with my best friend. Isn’t she a doll?

I was worried too. I wasn’t sure what kind of a crowd we were going to get here in Charlottesville. I mean, this is a cool town and all, but sometimes its residents can be a little stuffy and highbrow. But on the other hand, it’s also a major college town, so I really wasn’t sure what to expect.

When we got to the theater, there was a HUGE crowd outside, and then I knew we were in for a halfway decent show. Sasha and I filled our water pistols in the bathroom, and found ourselves aisle seats. We had all the props needed in our bag, sans rice for the wedding, which is rarely allowed anymore.

Once the movie started, I knew it was going to be a fun show….people were yelling like crazy. But they were yelling lots of stuff I don’t remember. I guess there have been developments in the Rocky Horror audience script in the past 20 years. Rather than trying to keep up, I enjoyed being somewhat of a “virgin”, like my daughter was as a first time audience participant. I just listened and laughed my ass off.

What was cool was some of the shout outs were regional – folks would crack a joke about a neighboring town that fit right into the movie script. And there were a lot of Justin Beiber jokes…something we certainly didn’t do back in the 80’s. There were many times I yelled stuff and was the only one yelling…I got a decent laugh from the crowd after one too.

But the one bummer was the Time Warp. When I used to go you would stand in a line right in front of the first row and do the dance. At this theater all you could do was stand up and do it in front of your seat, which really sucked. The other bummer was the asshole dressed as Dracula and his girlfriend sitting a few seats down from us. They must have gotten up to go to the bathroom (or the bar) at least 5 times, making us get up every time in the bargain.

But aside from those inconveniences, it was a perfect night. We wore our newspapers, squirted our water pistols, and threw toilet paper, playing cards, and sponges. It was just so much fun. It made me realize how much I missed this Friday night phenomenon, and I vowed to do it again.

But first…I need to learn more lines.