Earlier this week I was in a Facebook debate (fight) regarding gun control. It started like this.

A local woman posted on our neighborhood’s Facebook page that she had seen a man with a gun in his waistband head into our grocery store. She then said had she been inside shopping and seen that, she would have abandoned her cart and high-tailed it right out of the store.

You would not believe the shit storm this created.

Within minutes she had over 50 responses, ALL pro-gun, ALL pro-open carry, and many that were rude and condescending to her. Things like “move back up north,” and “grow a pair.” The negative responses were literally coming in every few seconds. So she deleted the post.

But she had already picked the scab. In light of all the mass shootings, most recently the one in Oregon, gun owners are feeling very protective about their right to bear arms. With the general public demanding stricter gun laws, they are beginning to quake in their boots a wee bit.

Before you know it, pro-gun meme’s were being posted on our community Facebook page, and I really tried not to get involved. I really tried. But one guy said in response to a plea for gun control, “welcome to the pussification of America.”

And there I was typing away.

How can anyone think of this country as “pussyfied” when we own more guns per person than any other country in the world. Unless I’m not reading the graph correctly, if Americans own 112 guns per 100 people, there must be families with a freakin’ arsenal of guns. So I called us a Rambo nation, and really pissed off one local woman.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 12.33.02 PM

This woman, very proud of being a gun owner, was highly insulted that I referred to gun owners as Rambos…which I did not. No matter how I tried to explain that I was talking about America as a whole seeming very Rambo-ish vs. Pussyfied, she kept firing back at me…pardon the pun.

The she proudly posted that they had just bought their ten-year old daughter a AR 15-22, which I’ll admit I had to look up, as I know zip about guns. Does this look like a gun for a 10 year old girl?


For the next 48 hours she posted a photo of her daughter shooting this rifle (in pink!) at least 3 times in different gun-related post. And I have to say, it really disturbed me. I don’t care how responsible you are, or how much gun safety you teach. The only time I think it’s reasonable for a 10 year old to be owning and operating a gun is if your dad is Rick Grimes and there are throngs of zombies chasing you.

But I never brought this up to her…I think she might have hunted me down if I had. This woman was so one-sided, so narrow-minded – she thinks gun control equates to one thing…taking all her guns away. She will not even consider the idea that maybe nobody needs to own 13 guns, as did the shooter in Oregon.

Won’t one or two do the trick?

I obviously don’t own a gun. I shot one once, in upstate New York. I missed the target, shooting the dirt 15 feet infront of me instead. My husband talked of buying a gun in the past, but I told him no way.

I’m not against guns. I just don’t get the attraction to them, much like how I don’t understand how anyone could eat shellfish. And it may be because people I see who do love guns seem a wee bit crazy to me – at least the ones around here do. How could you love something so much that you are blind to the fact that there is a serious problem with that very thing you love?

It’s sort of like being an alcoholic. You will do and say anything to justify you having that drink. Just like a lot of these pro-gun folks in my neck of the woods refuse to admit that there is a real problem in this country. Gun owners have had their way in the past and look what is happening. Gun control may not solve the problem at all, but jeez, can’t we at least try to see if it helps?

I just don’t get it.