You know those Facebook friends you have that aren’t really friends of yours? Maybe they’re someone you worked with ages ago, yet never see anymore, or someone who went to your same high school, but were a grade or two above or below you?

I have a ton of those. A lot of them I’ve unfriended, either because their narrow-minded views have offended me, or they post a lot of bullshit meme’s that I don’t want to see.

But one girl that I barely knew did something super cool for me yesterday.

I didn’t know her at all, really. I knew of her family, who lived about 4 blocks over from me. I went to her brother’s wedding back in the early 90s, only because I was dating a good friend of his and I was his date. I got food poisoning at that wedding too, but that’s another story.

I don’t know if I friended her, or she me. All I know is she’s been in my feed for years now. I’ve seen her son grow up. I’ve seen her cats grow up. I know she’s into rescuing animals. But again, we don’t really know each other personally.

A week or so ago, she posted photos of her son and his friends enjoying ice cream at Bischoff’s – a fantastic ice cream parlor in Teaneck, NJ. We used to go to Bischoff’s often when I was a child, so I commented on her photo, asking if they still had the candy counter in the front of the store. She said they still did, and it’s as if time had stood still – it still looks the same. I then commented on how my dad used to get the best button licorice there, and how it came in a white box with a “Bischoff’s” label on it.

I came home from work yesterday, tired and annoyed, and my daughter says, “There’s a package for you.” I know I hadn’t ordered anything, but sometimes my friend John will send me little things in the mail – a book, a magazine – so I figured it was from him.

What was inside was a white box with a Bischoff’s label on it, and inside that box was an assortment of licorice swirls. I checked the return address on the envelope, and there was my Facebook friend’s name and return address. She had read my reply to her post and actually took the time to buy me licorice from Bischoff’s.

I barely know this woman…I may have briefly spoken to her over 20 years ago at her brother’s wedding…yet she sent me licorice. I’m not sure how she got my address, but she sleuthed it out of some mutual friend, went to the post office and mailed me licorice.

It’s astounding.

I PM’ed her via Facebook, profusely thanking her, and telling her if she wants ANYTHING from Virginia to let me know. Her response was…

Hearing how happy it made you is all its about!! Glad you liked them, wasn’t sure what licorice buttons were, they called them wheel but I figured like everything in life they just got a bit larger!”

In my book, this gal is solid gold. Anybody who is nice enough to do something like this is a very special kind of person. And regardless of what she posts on Facebook, I won’t ever unfriend her.