Life Awaits you

You know, life can really be a mind-meld, especially if you try to make any sort of sense out of it.

We recently noticed our dishwasher was leaking water. After finding yet another puddle of water on the kitchen floor, Hubby was all ready to head to Lowe’s and plop $500 down on a new one. Afterall, it’s more than 10 years old. But I was not quite ready to throw my money in Lowe’s direction. Perhaps the seal was worn.  Maybe there’s an easy fix if we do a little research.

So I made a call to Whirlpool, and put hubby on the phone with a parts gal, and together they realized that somewhere in the past month or so, a little part had fallen out/off of our washer. And the best part was the fix only cost us $27.

I spent the rest of the afternoon bathed in a rosy glow, happy that we had avoided spending all that money. Perhaps the rosy glow was more due to the low-grade fever I was running at the time, but I was happy none-the less.

Flash forward to 5 pm. I’m feeling pretty lousy, sick with a cold, when I go to the laundry room and immediately step into a puddle of water. What? Not again.

Turns out something behind the wall is leaking. This is where the life mind-meld comes in. I had just saved us $500 mere hours before. And here we are staring at a job that we are going to need to call a plumber to fix.

It was like a financial final destination. I’d cheated life out of our having to pay $500 bucks to the universe, and it came right around and found another way to make me pay.

It was super spooky. And really annoying.