In the past decade or so, I’ve come to seriously doubt the validity of Karma. That whole “Karma’s a bitch what comes around goes around” mantra? I think it’s a bunch of crap, and I’ll tell you why.

Bill Cosby.

He’s the perfect example of why folks who believe in Karma are kidding themselves. Here’s a man who “allegedly” molested 19 women (so far) from 1965 until as recently as 2004. Yet he’s had unbelievable success, is (was) beloved and respected by millions, and let’s not forget is freakin’ stinking rich to boot.

Hello, Karma? Where you been, girl?

If this theory of what comes around goes around is even remotely true, shouldn’t Bill Cosby have lost his house in a sink-hole? Or perhaps have been duped into losing a bunch of money in a Bernie Madoff-esque rip off scandal? Hell, I’d settle for a stubbed toe or a bad case of pink eye.

It aint just old Bill either. I’ve known people who were super loafers – the type who were more than happy to have others do their work for them, and still were beloved by all; given accolades, awards and kudos for a job well done…by someone else.

If karma is true, why do we have phrases like “nice guys finish last” and “only the good die young?” Shouldn’t karma be working overtime to ensure that the greedy, predatory assholes of this world finish last and die young?

I know you folks out there love your karma – who doesn’t like the idea of some dishonest d-bag getting what’s coming to him? Trouble is, I’m beginning to think those same dishonest d-bags are pretty much running the world…how’s that for karma?