thinking-about-moneyWhen the lottery gets big, like tonight’s Mega Millions is, I will usually (always) buy a few tickets. There’s something about having a potential winning ticket in my possession that I truly love – because that’s when I dare to dream. What would I do if I won?

How would it feel to log onto the Virginia lottery website the following morning – braless, sitting in my sweatpants, hair mashed into a semi-David Cassidy ‘do – and finding that my numbers match? What would that feel like? Would it be like tunnel vision, where the world gets narrow and super silent or would my stomach hit the floor while simultaneously screaming at the top of my lungs? Would I head straight to Richmond that day to cash in my ticket or would I sit on it for a week or two?

I know one thing I’d do that very first day – go shopping. I’d spend the day learning what it feels like to buy with reckless abandon. What must it feel like to not have to scrutinize every price tag and what that purchase might mean to your budget for the month.

When I have a ticket in my possession I can dare to dream. Even though the chances of Richard Gere knocking on my front door are more favorable than my winning the lottery, I still love to dream about winning. I love to play the dream game with my daughters, but they don’t usually share my enthusiasm.  The reality of the odds makes fantasizing too difficult for them. Damn realists….

I think about where we would travel to, and the home we could afford. I think about having a car that has mileage in the 4 figure range. I think about helping my family – paying off mortgages or car loans. I think about my girls going to any college they want. And I think about not having to work. Ah, I think that’s the best part of all.

I like this daydream. It makes me feel good. It relaxes me. Yes, I’m most likely going to lose – but when I picture myself behind the wheel of an orange Karmann Ghia convertible, I feel so happy. When I imagine my family spending a week in Amsterdam looking at Vermeer paintings, it makes me smile. And when I think of being able to invite my whole family to my summer home on Martha’s Vineyard, I simply want to cry.

Come on lady luck…I dare to dream…