I’m wondering if this will be a thing of the future…


Subtitles for cursive handwriting. You know, good old fashioned script?

I remember learning script in elementary school. It was a required element. I think I was getting graded in penmanship up through middle school. After that they didn’t care, and besides, that was usually the time you tried to come up with a handwriting “style” like using hearts to dot i’s or making your script extra loopy and fat.

I always hated writing in script. My brain always added an extra loop or bump onto a letter – like making an “r” look more like an “m” and  my “m’s” usually wound up looking more like the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains with all it’s added bumps. Nah, I stuck to print, which was neat and legible.

But my kids barely learned the art of cursive writing. My oldest may have spent a year or so in school trying the master the art. My youngest? I think she was shown the cursive alphabet and then was put in front of a keyboard. Yep, keyboarding is the millennium’s answer to script – gotta move with the times.

I understand the need for our kids to learn proper typing skills, especially these days. My one semester spent in typing class at good old Leonia High School served me well – that and a lot of jobs that required typing. After all those years of “practice” I am super fast and fairly accurate.

But I wonder if one day, there will be a generation of people who will watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” and not be able to read Clarence’s note to George…because after all, it’s not just the writing of the words in script…isn’t reading them part of the equation?

I know my youngest, who had the least exposure to cursive writing, has trouble reading script. As the decades march on, and we embrace a more text/typing existence, will script be forgotten? I mean, I don’t have a clue  how to use an abacus, but back in the day, that was the way to calculate. Now folks look at one and think, “ooh, busy beads!”

Do your kids know how to write script? Were they properly taught at school? Or is it just the country bumpkin education system in my area? I’ll bet if cursive was on the Standards of Learning year-end exams they’d know how…