golaplannewyearHere I sit on the very first day of 2014, and I can’t help but think of how different life was a mere 365 days ago.

I had been fired from a job that I’d performed faithfully for 12 years, and New Year’s day of 2013 was my first official day of unemployment. It was scary, but it also felt good. I no longer had to deal with bitching clients and last minute ad changes – I was looking forward to a month or two of doing a whole lot of nothing.

That month or two turned into almost 11 months. 11 months that were both wonderful and worrisome.

Wonderful because I got to be a traditional mom for the first time ever. I drove my kids to and from school. I could attend every meeting, recital, award ceremony and play without having to jump through hoops at the office. The summer was spent at the lake or the pool, and seeing a plethora of crappy movies at the $1.50 theater. There was no vacation though – instead we had a graduation party, and sent our oldest off to college.

But it was also worrisome. Unemployment helped, as did my one freelance client, but it was tough year financially. Many times I’d wake up to see that my bank account was a bit healthier thanks to overnight direct deposits, but it was usually all gone by 10 am. Hubby made sure all the bills were paid, that’s for sure. While it was a relief that we had enough to keep us out of debt, it was stressful trying to feed my family on what little was left over.

And here I sit on the very first day of 2014 – happy in my new job, mortgage and bills paid, with money to spare. It’s a really good feeling.

Yes, this year will certainly be better. Right?