Facebook thumbs downThis post will be short and sweet. It’s a rant of sorts. I just need to vent.

Facebook is a funny place…you friend someone; a co-worker, a classmate; and after time, you find out what kind of a person they really are – good, bad or ugly. I’ve had to un-friend folks who used Facebook as a soapbox. Others, who post too many annoying meme’s or only post photos of their dog get their settings edited to where I only see their posts if they cure cancer.

Well tonight I saw this post…

Asshole Post



This gal is the parent of a girl my youngest played softball with. She has posted many things I have found to be idiotic. But this one? It takes the cake. Yeah, she’s a tea bagger. An Obama hater. But this kind of disrespect toward Nelson Mandela is taking things too far.

Why would you make such a hateful comment about a man who suffered so greatly did nothing but try to help his fellow man?

What an asshole.

I wrote a comment along the lines of “maybe it was out of respect for a great humanitarian.” My comment was both liked and echoed. All she wrote back was a disgruntled “maybe.”

My last comment to her was that Bush ordered flags at half mast when the Pope died – did she object to that? I’m curious as to what her answer will be. I also told her to back away from the tea.

I don’t really care about this person. I’m almost embarrassed to be associated with such a douchebag…I think I’ll just pull the plug on the Facebook friendship.