busy1-500x350I can’t believe it’s been a week since Thanksgiving and my last blog post. Seems like only yesterday that I was dishing up my disastrous disappointment of a dinner. It just goes to show you one thing…

I’m too damn busy.

It feels good though. Working 2 jobs and juggling a freelance client keeps my days full, that’s for sure. I have to seriously plan out when I can manage to do what. For instance, I have to lay out some edit featuring a prominent university neighborhood in town, and I have to figure out when to take pictures. Plus, I have to allow for bad weather so I have time to reschedule if need be.

Lately I’ve been getting up at 5 am just so I have enough time to fit in some extra work, and play a few rounds of Candy Crush on hubby’s phone (yes, I’m addicted, but not too bad). After work I’m just too tired to do much else – plus there’s the housework to do and I need to devote some time to my child.

So, who has time to blog?

It’s not like I don’t have the material; I have a list of topics a mile long. It’s just that it takes me at least an hour to finish a good post when I have a story to tell – sometimes longer. These days? I just don’t have that to spare.

On top of my workload, there’s Christmas to shop for. Any my youngest girl’s birthday is next week. Oh, and my Christmas newsletter? I’ve barely started it – there’s another 2 hours just to gather the photos and lay it out, not to mention the addressing and mailing.

On top of that, there’s still Christmas decorating to be done. I got the lights and the tree up (hubby is bitching about the lights again this year…surprise, surprise Gomer). But I haven’t set up my Christmas village, and with only 20 days until Christmas, I may not bother. All those trips up and down the stairs and all those boxes and cords to unpack. Uff da! I don’t know if I have the strength!

So, dear readers, if you’re wondering where the hell I’ve been, the answer is pretty much everywhere, and running to try and get to the next thing.