number-300It’s funny.

My first blog post on Typical Tracy pretty much consisted of me whining about how my kids always manage to make me do stuff I don’t really want to do. Well, here I am, 2+ years and 299 blog posts later and guess what? I’m still doing it.

We were supposed to go to King’s Dominion (our local theme park) on Friday for Halloween Haunt. But, the weather was very uncooperative. Some storm front is stalled right over Virginia and it’s been cool, drizzly and utterly miserable.

We were one exit away from the park on Friday afternoon, when I pulled off the highway, turned to my youngest and said, “We can’t go today.” I explained to her how I didn’t want to spend all day and night in the drizzle, getting our asses wet in every roller coaster, and then having monsters scare the crap out of me the minute the sun went down. I told her we should wait until Sunday when there was a chance the weather would be better.

She was crushed, and both cried and pouted for the rest of the day. I scolded her for this…I told her earlier in the week that the only things that could keep us from going were weather and illness, and I can’t control either, and therefore shouldn’t be punished or blamed for them. As for me, I was actually proud that I put my foot down – and the call I made was a good one.

Well here it is Sunday morning, and it’s just as wet and dreary as it was on Friday. On top of that, I woke up with a backache that copious applications of Icy Hot and doses of Tylenol are having little to no affect on. I’ve contemplated telling her that we’re not going today, but the thought of crushing her for the 2nd time in one weekend is just too much for me to bear.

Just like Dana Carvey as former President Bush would say, “not gonna do it…”

So, I’ll get my ass wet on roller coasters and spend all day in the drizzle. I just hope by nightfall I’m not too crabby – there may be a zombie or two who are in grave danger of getting kicked or punched if they catch me off guard.

My 300th post? Yeah, I used it on my kids, same as I did my first one.