I thought I’d re-post this in honor of my mom’s birthday. It’s been 19 years now since she left us…funny, it feels like yesterday.

Typical Tracy

Today is my mom’s birthday. I’m not entirely sure how old she would’ve been – she passed away 17  years ago – 5 weeks after my wedding. And October 5th is, and always will be, her birthday.

My mom was great. Always willing to hug you and give you a big dose of mommy lovin’ even when you weren’t exactly in the mood for it. She kept us fed with kick-ass food, and I only wish I had half of her recipes, especially her spaghetti sauce.

Although she wasn’t big on letting us climb trees or go exploring where good little girls ought not to be venturing (that’s what dad was for), she was always ready to take us shopping for new school clothes or those jeans you just had to have even though dad griped that there was no money for them.

She made lots of stuff too. Not…

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