Im back baby

Yesterday while I was waiting in line to pick up my youngest from school, my cell phone rang. I was fully expecting it to be my college girl, calling to tell me what she had for lunch and how her classes went…it’s a daily conversation we have.

But the number on the display was an unknown one. Thinking it could be a callback on one of the gazillion jobs I’ve applied for (gasp! could it be possible?) I cleared my throat and answered the phone with a cheery hello.

It wasn’t a prospective new employer, but rather, my old one.

There has been a lot of shakes ups and changes in town regarding independent, artsy-fartsy newspapers. We had two, but now there is only one. Seems my old employers gobbled up the competition, and there are lots of changes coming. With those changes go added responsibilities for all involved, and the 8 hours a week it took to design the covers and edit for my old paper could be put to better use.

Enter our hero, stage right. They want me back just 2 days a week to take care of the bothersome task of making my old publication look good. Seems the clients have been complaining about the drab quality to the paper since I’ve been gone. The woman who called me back in said that I understand the brand, and that they’d like me to restore that brand.

It was called giving a crap, which I don’t think the designer who got forced into doing my job did. I can’t really blame him – he had his hands full with his own publication. Adding mine on to his work week made it a pesky chore he had to squeeze into his already heavy workload.

It’s only about 8 hours work per week, but it’s a foot in the door. It could possibly lead to steadier work. Perhaps if a designer is out on vacation, or is sick I could fill in. The more hours the merrier my bank account!

And while I complained in the past about working for this company, with all the changes that have gone on, maybe it’ll be a better place. Besides, beggars can’t be choosers. At least this is a job I know how to do. In any case, I’ll have some more money coming in…a few more freelance clients and I could be in good shape!

I have got to get moving on that – there must be some folks out there who need an honest, reasonably priced, wildly talented designer, right?