to_dance_around_the_sun_by_schakoyanaSo this week I found out that I’m not Lowe’s material. As stupid as it sounds, it bummed me out when I read the “thanks, but no thanks” email. I mean, I wasn’t going to make it my career or anything, but I was hopeful to at least get a steady paycheck for a while. I tried to brush it off with thoughts like “it wasn’t meant to be” I still felt really miserable for that day – like the world’s biggest loser.

I can’t even get hired at Lowe’s.

But then the weather changed. Cool and fall-like with crisp blue-skied mornings and you have to think “who has time to be mad?”

I woke up at 6:30 or so this morning after my cat Dodger licked and bit my rather fleshy upper arm to rouse me. It’s one of his many tricks he uses; hell, he’s anxious to get out the door! His enthusiasm was infectious. I wanted to get out and do something too! It was gorgeous out there!

I woke up my youngest and said, “Let’s hit the farmer’s market!” So we dressed, ate some toast, and drove into town. One the one hand it was sort of a waste because I’m not really a farmer’s market kind of gal. I feel totally out of place with the throngs of people in their Crocs and wicker baskets. I don’t buy home grown produce! I don’t know what to do with half the stuff anyway – there were some veggies I couldn’t identify at all.

But it was nice to be out and about, looking at all the herbs, sampling the jellies and jams, and spending the morning with my girl. Afterward we got bagels and went for a walk. And tonight, we are going to the cheap-o $1.50 movie theater.

Yeah, the weather’s too good. And therapeutic. I have no time to be bummed – I’ll save that for a rainy day.