Picture 1We have the cutest little apple orchard that is on the way home from school, and I simply love it.

I passed the place for years without stopping in. When we went apple picking we’d usually go to Carter Mountain, the larger orchard that’s way more touristy because of the stunning views, and way more expensive.

Last year the girls and I gave Fruit Hill Orchard a try, and I have to say that having an orchard so close and so accessible is going to make me very spoiled indeed. It is cute as a button, with it’s charming little cottage packed to the brim with homemade jams & jellies complete with a friendly kitty that you can give a good scratch behind the ears. They have apples and peaches that you can pick yourself, or you can just buy pre-picked produce directly from them.

To celebrate the end of the first week of school, we stopped and picked a few apples. Not a ton – just 7 or 8. The price? Two bucks and change – for fresh apples – right off the tree. As my girls ran down the grassy aisle amongst the trees laden with Gala apples, I thought to myself, “This is amazing.”

I never went apple picking as a kid – not too many orchards right outside New York City. And here I can take my kid whenever they have a hankering for fresh apples. It’s just a quick stop on the way home from school. How cool is that?

There are some good points to living in the sticks after all.