SamThis post will be short and sweet, because I’m busy. I have to make macaroni and cheese, bake cupcakes, clean the house and make a cucumber, onion & tomato salad. I also have to pick up my youngest from school, and then come home to start the party.

My oldest daughter turned 18 today. I feel the need to commemorate it with a long, loving post, but I just don’t have the time. Because I’m busy celebrating with  her real time, and getting everything ready for her party.

Just a group of her once high-school friends, now all getting ready to embark on part B of their academic lives, or maybe just heading off to work 9-5 like the rest of the world. They’ll eat, play ping pong, and goof around my small little house. They will blow out candles on a cake that the lady at Food Lion messed up by writing Happy 17th – a thing that we will make into a good joke rather than sulking over it.

And I will enjoy it thoroughly, because in just a few days she’ll be gone.

Oh, I’ll be blogging about my girl a lot in the next few weeks. You can be sure of that.

But for now, happy 18th birthday my bright, beautiful baby girl. You have rarely caused me disappointment, and have never gotten too cool to hang out with your mom or play with your little sister.

The world is a better place with you in it.