back-to-school-wallpaper--665x411Today was the first day of school, but this year, it was a bit different.

See, I only have one child in the public school system now. One lunch to make. One person to herd through the morning maze of “are you dressed” and “did you brush your teeth.” One school to drive to.

It was so much easier! But of course there will be a price to pay in a weeks time. In a week I won’t have my oldest around, as she will be a college freshman, fixing up her dorm room, and exploring her new campus.

Me? I’ll be a nervous wreck. Is she safe? Did she eat? Did she eat right or just load up on junk? Is she staying up to 3 am and then sleeping the day away? How in the world am I going to survive this?

Maybe I’ll join the PTO. A group of clucking stay at home moms should take my mind off things.