BlogI began blogging back in January of 2010, but it seems longer. A lot longer.

I started with a private blog about my youth; stories about the house I grew up in and my family. Then I started a public blog to help me in my quest to lose weight. I made close to 350 blog posts on that one to a handful of followers who followed me as I lost 40 pounds and then gained 25 back. While the blog wasn’t exactly a hit, it did get me hooked.

I liked sharing stuff with the world. Not necessarily with folks I know; I don’t post or publicize my blog on Facebook, but if someone asks, I’ll send them a link. But I love the notion of sharing my passions and experiences with zillions of random souls from everywhere on the planet.

So I began writing Typical Tracy in June of 2011 – more than two years ago. I share stories of my life both past and present as a diary of sorts for my two daughters. A few weeks back I passed my 20,000th page view, and I was both proud and excited.

And two days ago, I got my 200th follower – that WordPress congratulatory message popped out and I thought, “wow…200 people out there are sharing a piece of my world.”


Picture 1200 people know that I swam nude at Sandy Hook. They know that I lost my job of 12 years in December, that I saw Star Wars in a private screening with Gene Shalit’s son, and that I soiled my undies right before the 6th grade play. Those 200 people are also privy to the fact that I got lost in Bratislava, hated gymnastics at Sokol Hall, and was kissed by Bruce Springsteen.

I’m just a nobody from New Jersey/Virginia who takes the time to chronicle her life, and there’s 200 random folks along for the ride.

That is pretty cool.

So, thanks guys. Thanks to all 200 of you who hit that “follow” button. I hope you enjoy the weekly peeks into my silly little life.