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Stubbing your toe is the most ridiculous of injuries, because it usually involves a misfire of the most basic human function – putting one foot in front of the other.

I can recall many a stubbed toe in my younger years, most of which occurred while at our town pool because you were always barefoot and usually in a hurry. And they hurt – hurt a lot, especially if you tore a good chunk of skin off your big toe.

Last night fate decided to treat me to a trip down memory lane.

After watching the fireworks put on by our development, we gathered up all of our things which were wet and covered with sand, and headed up the stairs to the parking lot where our car was parked. I was holding a wet and heavy blanket which was holding wet and heavy swimsuits inside, plus a folding camp chair. I had my youngest holding our beach bag, but she began to struggle with it. After testing the weight of it, I realized it was a bit heavy for her to manage, and grabbed it from her.

Of course she didn’t offer to take anything else I was holding and ran off with her friends. So I was saddled with 3 very heavy and cumbersome items on my trek up the beach stairs. The last 10 steps are very wide – you take a step up and then walk two or three steps before the next riser. In the dark I miscalculated when I was at the top of the stairs and tripped over the last riser.

With so much stuff in my hands there was little I could do but fall down or keep my balance. My inner ballerina, despite the 3 Coronas I had during the fireworks display, took over and I managed to not fall flat on my face in front of throngs of Lake Monticello residents. But I did mash my toe, and badly.

I said “holy shit” or something of a similar ilk and continued walking. Before long I could feel my sandals getting slick – ruh roh. That feels like blood. By the time we got to our car my toe was throbbing, and one look under the hot white lights of the basket ball court confirmed my sickening suspicions. I had stubbed my toe but good.

There was a good amount of blood, and it looked like 1/4 of the tip of my big toe was detached. When we finally got home (dopey 4th of July traffic) I washed it off and hubby covered it with Peanuts bandages. It bothered me all night.

Today at the store it began to ache because I was doing a lot of walking. When we got home I decided to remove the band aids – ick, it was pretty gross. The detached tip? It’s grayish white and looks pretty disgusting. I’m hoping by tomorrow that flap of skin will shrivel up, thus becoming removable. I don’t want that discolored flap on my toe anymore.

As ridiculous as this injury is, it hurts, and it’s debilitating. We are supposed to hike to a swimming hole tomorrow, but I wonder if that’s a great idea with my toe. I guess I’ll have to see how it feels tomorrow.

The big toe is a bigger deal than I ever gave it credit for.