The other day I was watching yet another one of my mindless reality shows…Chopped, or Best Ink, or any of the dozens of others that I seem perpetually drawn to, when a commercial caught my eye. I wasn’t really paying close attention, but then I noticed an adorable little black girl talking to her mom – and her mom was white.

I sat up for a minute…could this actually be happening? I waited, and sure enough the commercial cuts to the father sleeping on the couch. Dad is black, and it clicked for me. It was the first time I’d ever seen an interracial family portrayed in any kind of advertising on TV. I can’t even be sure if there are that many portrayed on TV – I remember the Willis’ on The Jeffersons, but if there were others, I’ve forgotten or didn’t watch that show.

It made me happy to see that ad. It made me feel like as a country we’ve come a long way. I figured it was a risky move for General Mills/Cheerios to put it out there. Sadly, I was right.

The bigots are raising Cain over this simple American family. And why? Interracial couples are everywhere. It’s nothing new – nothing strange. So what’s all the hub-bub…bub?

You know what I think? I think a lot of Americans like to pretend. They want to pretend that everyone is like them, and any deviation from the way they live is dangerous, and wrong. This commercial? It shoved what they hate most right under their noses…that everyone is different. And that world has evolved – evolved greatly since “the good old days.”

The world is filled with all types of couples. The typical American family is not white man & white woman with 2 white kids. They know it, but they can pretend. These narrow-minded dolts who are complaining about this commercial surround themselves with friends who are just like they are. This way they can ignore the changing world around them, until a commercial brings them crashing back to the real world.

They think that this is what’s wrong with the world. Same sex marriage, interracial marriage – they are ruining society! Ruining America! You know what’s ruining America? Idiots like them who can’t cope with a changing world – always looking back to what’s not there anymore.

I’ve always felt that love is love. You can’t change what shakes your groove thang. Some folks like older people, some like younger, some are attracted to those who are tall, or have curly hair, or big fat fannies, or hairy chests. How can people judge what forms of love or attraction are right or wrong? What gives them the right? As long as both people are over 18 and agree that they dig each other, it’s good by me.

So I say, thank you Cheerios! Thanks for being bold, although it shouldn’t have to be thought of as bold to show a family that represents a huge portion of this country.