I’ve never had any desire to jump out of an airplane. There are some folks – thrill seekers – that thrive on crap like that. Me? No way. There is too much time during that free fall to the earth below to think of all the things that could go wrong; like the chute not opening.

But sometimes you have to jump. It’s not a matter of adding a bit of excitement to your life. Sometimes you have to jump because life requires it.

For the past 6 months our family has been struggling over what path my college-bound daughter was going to take. It’s been a rough decision. She’s not sure what she wants to do, and we have little to no money. Even a high school drop out would be able to surmise that they don’t add up to a successful plan for one’s future.

Last week we made up our minds. We crapped and got off the pot. My daughter will be a member of the 2013 freshman class at VCU.

I am super excited about our decision. Excited that we made a decision. While I am a bit apprehensive about my green, inexperienced, shy little girl attending college in a rather large city, I am glad that she is getting out on her own. I am glad that rather than continuing to live with us and attending the local community college, that she is jumping in with both feet and is going to get the full throttle living on your own (but coming home on the weekends) college experience.

Making this decision was a leap of faith much like jumping out of an airplane. Our family is now in a collegiate financial free fall. We know we have the money for the fall semester.  That is our parachute. The 2nd semester? That may require a loan or two, but I’m confident we can swing it.

Sophomore year? We haven’t a clue. That is the pull cord. Will the chute open and drift my child safely into her 2nd year? Nobody knows. But I decided I wasn’t going to let the “what ifs?” get in the way of my daughter’s “right now.” Let’s see what she does with her freshman year. Meanwhile, we can continue to find ways to fund her sophomore year. Hell, by next September I could be a millionaire and won’t need to worry about any of this.

For now I will concentrate on her high school graduation, and then helping her find a summer job. August will be here soon enough – when I will not only have to fork over tons of cash, but my precious baby girl in the search for higher education.