Dick Clark

I love watching game shows from my youth.

I’ll never pass an episode of Match Game while channel surfing, and my family still likes watching Family Feud, regardless of the host. Both of those games remind me of lazy weekday afternoons—school was out, your homework might be done, and there was most likely a half eaten bag of Doritos in the room.

Another great weekday game show was the $10,000 Pyramid, which in the 80’s became the $25,000 Pyramid. I watched about a zillion episodes of this show, and as the years passed by, Dick Clark became increasingly annoying to me.

30 years later, stuck at home as an unemployed house wife, I have time to watch the Game Show Network. Today I watched a few episodes of the Pyramid, and you know what? Dick Clark is doubly annoying. He had a few trademark moves that I find totally irritating; moves that I’m sure others found endearing. Let me share them with you and see if you agree.

The Winner’s Circle was where most of these moves occurred:

  • If you were running out of time and were close to a win, he’d yell “HURRY!” Nothing breaks your concentration like being loudly reminded that you are about to turn the winner’s circle into the losers circle.
  • If the giver said “pass,” Dick would yell “TURN IT!” or “NEXT!” It’s like he has so little faith that the guys behind the scenes are paying attention, that he has to remind them by shouting at them. Or, could it be that he has an insatiable need to control the show?
  • When the contestant lost, Dick would walk over to the railing, fingers on pursed lips, deep in thought, and would inevitably offer up “the perfect clue.” Ugh. It is sooooo annoying.

Another annoying Dickism was when there was a tie. Tie breakers were clues that began with the letter *blank* or the letter *blank*. The part that gets under my skin was when Dick would over enunciate the alphabet letter so there could be no confusion as to what letter he was referring to. And I mean OVER enunciate – If it was the letter “A,” Dick’s mouth would open wide as the Grand Canyon.

I know I may sound like a nit-pickin’ sour puss, but I can’t help it. These gestures of his aggravate the hell out of me.

It was as if he was trying to be more than just a host…he wanted to be part of the game. He wanted to be important to the game, not just some bubble head that introduced subjects and ushered folks to the winner’s circle.

I loved that quality in Richard Dawson, and in Bob Barker. But it just flat out hated it in Dick Clark. I wanted him to just shut up and let Nipsey Russell recite his poems.