While our spring break isn’t over yet, I like to think I’ve made a semi-success of the week considering I’m unemployed and broke. We couldn’t go anywhere; even to my dad’s in Florida, which is practically free aside from gas and some food. Hubby had some days where he had to work and we were not going to pass up the hours in lieu of a trip down south.

But I made sure we got out every day. Monday we went to town and saw a bad horror movie, but it was at the $1.50 theater so I didn’t care. Then we went to the SPCA and played with some kitties. We would have done more, but my girls sleep too late and I don’t like driving at night if I can help it.

Monday’s lunch pissed me off though. We were at our mall which has a food court that consists of Chik-fil-a, Sabarro Pizza, and 2 competing Chinese/Japanese restaurants. Yes, it’s very pathetic. My kids don’t like Chik-fil-a, so we figured the least expensive option would be pizza. Between the 3 of us we got 3 slices (one with pepperoni) a cucumber salad, a soda and a water. The total?

$18.03. I should have said “are you kidding me?” to the girl behind the register and walked away. I should have. But I just mumbled “what a rip off” and paid the money. The whole time we were eating I kept thinking about better lunches we could have had for less money. I also decided that Sabarro isn’t getting another thin dime of my money in the future.

Sam on the James

Tuesday we went out to Belle Isle in Richmond for a hike. It was just me and the girls, which was sort of a bummer – I know hubby would love it there, but he had to work. We brought my youngest daughter’s bike so she could make good use of the moto-cross park they have there. With the exception of the wind it was a great day. We had a picnic lunch, but we had to eat it fast and hunched over so nothing blew away. But, we ate it along the James River and it was really quite beautiful.

Sash on Mountain

The girls, now energized by a yummy lunch of Jersey Mike’s Subs, began to climb. There are lots of mountain biking and climbing trails on the island, and they took advantage of them much to my chagrin. On the one hand, I was happy they were getting exercise and exploring, but the nervous Nelly in me emerged and whenever the girls were close to the edge of the cliffs I would get weak kneed and decidedly nauseous. My mind’s eye could only picture that one false move and my child falling to the rocks below. Oy vey, was I happy when they were back safely on the ground.


A little further down the trail there was a place where the river was mostly dry leaving a canyon of rocks that were great for climbing on. To get down to the rocks you have to climb down a ladder. That’s where my involvement ended. Yes, I have turned into a massive fuddy duddy. I just sat and took pictures while my girls hopped, skipped and jumped from rock to rock. My oldest did fall on her fanny twice, which only made me realize my decision to stay behind was the right one.

The last leg of our trip was to the bike park where my youngest spent the better part of 35 minutes riding her bike over hills and bumps and rocks and stones. She was the only girl there, but she could care less. My oldest and I took video of her and giggled over stupid stuff while we sat in the sun. It was a pretty awesome day.

The rest of the week we spent shopping for a prom dress. This turned out to be quite an ordeal, and a bummer for my youngest who could think of better ways to spend her day than being dragged from dressing room to dressing room. We found a dress we loved, but the price tag was very misleading. What looked like $58.oo was actuall 158.00 with a smudged and crooked “1” that looked more like a “$” than a “1.” We were bummed.

Yesterday the entire family headed to a mall in Richmond to find a dress. After four hours of walking around the mall, we finally found a dress that was both affordable and fit properly. By the time we came out of the last store with bagged dress in hand, both my husband and youngest daughter were asleep in the row of massage chairs.

Today we are just hanging around the house. We’ll get laundry done, watch a dvd, maybe make some split pea soup from the left over Easter ham. But tomorrow? We head back to Richmond to tour VCU. And Sunday I’m taking the girls to the Dogwood Festival Carnival here in Charlottesville – carny rides, corn dogs and midway games.

I’m sure I’ll blog about both…I should get some great material.