I spent the past week sitting on my daughter’s bed in the dark watching episode after episode of Homeland. I would come out from time to time to check facebook, or cook a meal, or run the d-wash, but for the most part I was chained to a 13″ TV.

I went on a similar binge a month or so back with Downton Abbey. I decided to watch one episode and that was it. Hooked.

So this past week I decided I needed to find a new show to obsess over. Hell, I’m unemployed – isn’t this what I’m supposed to do with my spare time? The problem is, when I find the right show, I have no spare time. Every waking minute is spent getting my chores done so I can watch another episode with no guilty pangs, or sitting and watching. Once the kids are home it’s almost impossible to watch. There are just too many interruptions.

I began with Dexter, but I was eating lunch and it was too gorey. I switched to Veep, but had to stop it halfway through for one reason or another. When I finally sat down to watch a new show, I chose Homeland. Howard Stern always raves about it, so I figured I’d give it a go. Episode 1 Season 1 – click play. And thus, began my week-long obsession.

I watched the final episode yesterday right before my youngest got off the bus, and ran to the computer to see when the next season begins. Crap – Season 3 won’t begin until SEPTEMBER. I didn’t time this binge properly.

Here is my Homeland debriefing. I love Carrie, even if it is a bit annoying that she always figures things out in time. I love Brody – he’s not really attractive, but I’m still so attracted to him. I hate Brody’s wife. She’s annoying with her pursed lips and her flippy hair. And who calls their husband by their last name? Shouldn’t she be calling him Nicke? Just go marry Mike already. Brody’s daughter is annoying – she’s always depressed. I adore Saul – I keep waiting for him to say, “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

While I sat in the living room basking in the glow of viewing 2 full seasons of this action packed show, my darling little 11 year old came off the bus in tears. She’d had a bad day – it was picture day, and it was themed where you could pose with groups of friends. Nobody wanted to pose with her. Then the bullies on the bus were in rare form and it made for one sad little girl by the time she got home.

We had long talk, and a good cry, because I know how she feels. Then we took a walk together which cleared our heads and cheered us up. This is my homeland – my real homeland. While Carrie and Saul are fighting terrorists, I’ve got to teach my girl how to deal with life’s bullies better. I’ve got to teach her that being nice to people isn’t always reciprocated, and just because there are girls who are cruel does not mean that you are a loser.

I need to get my ass off the couch and help my little girl feel better about herself.