A few months ago a movie megaplex opened in town, thus wiping most of the competition in its extra buttery wake. One movie house became the “artsy fartsy” theater, showing independent and small release films. One flat out shut down – it only had 4 screens anyway. The other, became the discount theater.

Every seat $1.50.

Now that’s a bargain. Yes, the movies are a tad old, but who cares? It’s cheaper than the $4 rental when it comes out on DVD!

The theater that adopted this cheap seat policy is one I had banned in the past. I was tired of paying top dollar for a movie that had bad sound, or stale popcorn, or played 18 trailers. I kid you not…one time we watched 40 minutes of commercials and trailers and I had to get up and complain for them to wake the hell up and start the movie! When you’re paying $7 a person, that ain’t flushing.

But for a buck fifty? Not so bad. Consider yourself officially un-banned. I love a bargain too much to hold a grudge. Besides, I’m no stranger to the discount movie house.

My sister Wendy and I used to go to this one cheap-o movie theater in Tenafly, NJ back in the day when movies tickets were a whopping $3.00. They only charged you 99 cents and you saw 2 movies. The titles were real duds – what today might be straight to dvd movies or films that had a few years on them.


I remember seeing “Yanks” with Richard Gere, “Paradise Alley” with Sylvester Stallone, “When a Stranger Calls” with Carol Kane, and “Time After Time” with Malcolm McDowell. Even if the movie sucked, we had fun ripping on it.

From now on if the girls and I want to see a movie, the cheap-o theater will be my first choice.