downton abbey

A few weeks ago I became intrigued with all the hullabaloo surrounding Downton Abbey and decided to give it a try. Every episode from every season was available on demand on my cable system, and remember, I am unemployed. With so much time on my hands it was a win/win situation.

By the 2nd episode I was really hooked and totally engrossed in the lives of the family and staff…the stuffy but lovable Mr. Carson, the scheming O’Brien, the witty Violet Crawley, the pathetic Edith, Anna Smith and Mr. Bates – the list is endless! But one constant theme was the connection between Mary and Matthew.

From the start you were rooting for these two! First it was the story line of would they or wouldn’t they marry. Enter Lavinia and a season of turmoil…she was nice, but you didn’t want Matthew to marry her! When Mary and Matthew finally tie the knot, it was a real gimme for viewers – the star crossed lovers actually wind up together. Hooray!

Then it was would they or wouldn’t they conceive. Who’s to blame? Mary? Matthew? At the end of episode 6, the couple has the green light for conception – everyone’s parts are working…Send Miss Anna packing, lock the door, and get at it!



I did not see the last episode of Downton Abbey live. I DVR’ed it because was too busy falling asleep while watching Walking Dead at 9 pm. I love Downton too much to nod off while watching it. It’s more of a 2 pm show for me…snuggled on the couch all alone – no interruptions.

But Facebook can be a real buzz kill for those who DVR stuff. This morning one particularly loud-mouthed and careless person had to mention that there was a death on Downton Abbey. Fuck…I didn’t want to know that. As I pondered it, I figured it made sense, this being the season finale and all.

As I began watching the final episode today, it opens with Mary 8 months along in her first pregnancy. Well, that was quick! It’s one of the things I like about the show – months may have elapsed between episodes. As the story began to unfold I kept thinking of who was going to bite the big one.

Was it going to be the conniving Mr. Barrow? No, he just got beat up. Was Mrs. O’Brien going to fall prey to the jealous maid at the Scottish castle? No, that wasn’t it. As the episode unfolded, I sort of forgot about that ominous facebook post.

The episode ends with Mary giving birth to her son. She and Matthew are all aglow with parental pride and a genuine love for one another. The gang at Downton are equally thrilled – there is an heir and all is good in the world.

The camera shows Matthew driving to Downton in sheer bliss – he is a father – he has a son. And I remember the facebook post. I start yelling “no!” at the TV. My girls wonder what is wrong. A delivery truck turns the corner right in front of Matthew’s car. He is shown pinned under the car, eyes open and blood pouring from his head.

What the fuck Downton? Didn’t we just lose Sybil? I know it’s been like a year in the story line, but it’s just been 2 or 3 episodes for us. Another major loss is just too much too soon.  And Matthew? Really? If you felt like you had to kill off a character, why him?

Life doesn’t work like that. You made us euphoric and then you pulled the rug out from underneath.

And for that, you suck.

I don’t know if I can watch anymore. I don’t trust the show – it’s like anything can happen now. What’s next…Mrs. Patmore poisons the Earl? Cora and O’Brien have a threesome with Mr. Carson? It seems like all bets are off.

The only thing I can cling to is that he’s not really dead. But after him being paralyzed and then cured that would be even more stupid than him being dead. And you can’t pull a Bobby Ewing either.

I am so bummed. You’ve ruined my new favorite show.


Author footnote: I just read that the reason they did this was because the dope who plays Matthew was leaving the show to pursue some other lame-o acting role. I guess I can forgive the writers now and keep on watching.