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If you’ve ever watched The Brady Bunch as a kid, or as an adult (like me – with a twinge of shame), you know the episode where Marcia gets her nose bashed by her careless football throwing brothers right before her big date with Doug Simpson. I must have seen that episode upwards of 50 times, and one day while watching it in my 20s, a though occurred to me. I’d seen that face before!

It happens to all of us – the “I know that actor! They were on…on…” accompanied by finger snapping or head scratching. Now-a-days you can easily look up any actor’s professional resume online (i.e. IMDb), but back in the 80s? It required a brand of persistent sleuthing.

When the episode ended, I jotted down the actor’s name – Nicholas Hammond. Nope, didn’t ring a bell. But I know I’d seen him before, and I knew where. Doug Simpson, the big man on campus in the iconic “Oh my Nose!” Brady Bunch episode was also a main character in another of my childhood favorites.

The Sound of Music.

I was sure of it, but didn’t want to say anything until I had proof. After all, I’d been wrong before. A lot. I swore to my friend John that “Dancing Queen” was the song that played at the prom in the movie Carrie, and I made my husband roll off the couch laughing when I thought that Burl Ives was one of the guys tortured in The Naked Prey.

Yeah, my track record wasn’t great.

So what was a pre-internet gal to do in order to prove her point? I waited. Waited until The Sound of Music came on television. Yeah, I probably could have rented to movie, or looked it up at the library or something, but let’s face it – this wasn’t the quest for the holy grail or anything.

Marcia, can I interest you in some strudel?

Marcia, can I interest you in some strudel?

A holiday weekend eventually came and The Sound of Music was aired, and there it was…Nicholas Hammond’s screen credit as one of the von Trapp children. Yes, Doug Simpson and Friedrich von Trapp were one and the same. Who’d have guessed that this young lad, skipping gaily through Salzburg in lederhosen and feathered cap would eventually bring Marcia Brady to her knees.

And why is this important? It’s not. It’s just that I’m sort of a Brady Bunch know it all, and it’s just one more fact to add into the noodle database.

Fun Footnote: Turns out Nicholas Hammond was also in the original black and white (and best) version of Lord of the Flies. He also played Spiderman, but I don’t find that fact quite as fun.