fancy school boy vintage

Since I’ve been jobless I’ve been driving  my girls to school each morning. It gives them more time to get ready, and gives us a few more minutes to spend together. Over the past few weeks I’ve discovered an odd trend in many of the young men in both the middle and high schools.

It’s winter….right? It feels cold when I walk to the car each morning. I’ll agree we have had a few mild days this winter – we seem to every winter here in old Virginny – but for the most part the mornings are cold.

So why do I keep seeing kids heading into school in shorts? That’s right shorts. In February. In 20 degree weather. Shorts.

I don’t get it. Over the years I noticed that one of my neighbor’s kids would wear shorts every single day no matter the temperature or weather, but I thought it was just him – his little quirk. But I realize that lots of boys do it, and I don’t get it. I mean, I may walk around my house in shorts on a Sunday morning, but I’m not heading to the supermarket in them until at least May.

Where are their moms? How can they let them leave the house on a freezing cold morning with their poor little knees exposed to all that cold?

I just don’t get it.