All week long our local weathermen were forecasting snow for Friday with a 1-3 inch accumulation. Try to remember I live in Virginia – folks here fly into a total panic at the mention of snow. Our schools will close with an inch’s worth of accumulation, and along with it go any school related activity.

So let’s flashback to Friday morning. With a forecast of 1-3 inches of snow, many schools closed entirely. Our school wisely opted for the early release so buses didn’t have to drive kids home in the snow. However, that early dismissal came with a price.

My oldest daughter had a forensic speech competition the following day. It’s the last competition before regionals and she really wanted to get in some more practice. She  placed 5th & 3rd in her first two meets, and was looking forward to the chance of improving her scores. But with the early school closure, their trip to New Kent to compete flew right out the window. Apparently, the half day made them ineligible to make the trip – some stupid school rule.

While she was bummed, my youngest was super excited. With the predicted snowfall, she may get the chance to use her sled for the first time since last winter. Once off the school bus she settled in with a cup of hot chocolate and waited for the snow to start falling.

She didn’t have long to wait. The snow began falling in tiny little flakes, that at times you could barely see. It kept up for about 2 hours and then stopped. I had heard in an earlier weather report that we would hit a dry spot for about an hour, and then start up again.

By 5 pm we had a generous dusting – perhaps an eighth of an inch – and the weatherman declared the storm over for our area.

Are you kidding me? Seriously? That’s it?

I was really mad. On the one hand I understand that weather is not an exact science, but come on. They couldn’t tell the storm was going to just brush by our area by that morning? Then I had the kids to deal with – both furious for different reasons.

So Mr. Weatherman, let me spell out why you suck. These are the reasons why you need to say “fuck it” to the ratings and actually give us an ACCURATE forecast.

  • People run to the store and buy stuff they may not need in case they can’t leave the house for a few days. You have wasted their money.
  • My husband, who works an hour away, needed to get a hotel room so he didn’t have to worry about a hideous commute the next morning. Anyone, including my daughter with her learner’s permit, could drive on these roads.
  • Think of all the concerts, meetings, plays and other activities that were canceled or postponed because YOU got it wrong.
  • Parents who to work had to adjust their schedules, and therefore lost hours of pay or vacation time because of the forecast YOU predicted.
  • I was forced to spend the night with two crabby kids because you are an utter failure at your job.

Chew on that the next time you see snow coming our way, you incompetent boob.