girl clock

I’ve been a housewife for almost two weeks now, and let me tell you – the day goes by really quick!

When I was at the office, time would absolutely drag – unless I was really busy. By 10 am I’d be thinking about lunch, and by 2:30 I’d be thinking about quitting time. But now that I’m at home, it seems like before I know it, the kids are getting off the bus.

I’m still getting up really early – time’s not being wasted there! I drive the girls to school; that’s an hour out of my day. I come home, make breakfast, take my walk, do some cleaning up, go to the store, clean some more and the next thing I know, the bus is rumbling past. It’s amazing.

So far I am LOVING staying at home. Women who don’t have to work do not realize how lucky they have it. Yesterday I had to drive to town to cash a check, and I stopped and took a long walk along a trail. I passed lots of other women and I wondered if they were all fortunate enough to not have to work.

I know right now this homebody thing is a novelty to me. If I’m not back to work in a month I may be singing a different tune – taking care of my tiny little house day after day after day may become monotonous. Besides, my bank account will probably have dwindled enough to keep me from doing much more than sitting at home by then.

On a side note, I saw the first issue of my paper that was done without me, and I have to say the cover looked like absolute shit. It made me smile.