In two days, I will be officially unemployed. I haven’t been unintentionally unemployed since the 80’s. It’s always been intentional  – I mean stopping work due to moving or pregnancy. The last time I was fired and collected unemployment was around 1989 when I was the Art Director for Tiger Beat and our magazine was sold to a new publisher.

And here I am some 23 years later facing unemployment again.

It’s been weird at work. I’m not sure who knows.  I guess my demise has made its way through the gossip mill, but when I forwarded the new designers email address to my editor (who works remotely) she asked, “Why, are you going on vacation?” When I told her I’d been canned she was really, really pissed. Especially since she’d been in just two days prior for an editorial meeting and had not been told.

I know there was never an official announcement about my leaving. It’s as if nobody cares. Like I have zero clout there. My boss came up to me to ask when my last day was. I was thinking, “gee, shouldn’t YOU know?” The folks who are taking over my job know the score, and I’m sure folks have “heard” about  it. Nobody has come up to wish me well – but then again, nobody talked to me anyway. I’m the middle aged woman with kids in a sea of young, hip folks who were born when I was graduating high school.

I’ve been cleaning up my computer of old photos, music and anything that I might be able to use in my portfolio. I’ve cleared all of my bookmarks out of my browser and am taking shit that was on my desk home little by little.

This is going to feel really weird.