Life is filled with items that come in, and then sadly, out of our lives. I’m not talking about loved ones or pets, but items that were a cherished part of our lives that somehow got misplaced, broken, or simply thrown away. They may not have been all that important an item, but dammit, I’m really pissed that they are gone.


Growing Up Skipper
My sister Judy was the Barbie girl in the family. She had all varieties of dolls, the camper, various carrying cases and accessories. But back in 1975, I was given a Growing Up Skipper doll…maybe for my birthday or Christmas – I can’t recall. In any case, this doll was a hoot.

The special feature Skipper possessed was when you turned her arm she grew taller, and grew boobs. Yes, her rubber chest would sprout two tiny little pre-teen boobies – very racy for the day. I’m not sure who at Mattell thought this would be a quality young girls were looking for in a doll, but she was fun at parties!

I had moved away from home for a brief period in the early 90s and my parents had a massive garage sale, where I suspect poor Skipper may have fallen into the hands of either a doll collector or a lonely pervert. In any case, I miss her. She would’ve been a fun toy to hand down to my own daughters.


Mona Lisa Earrings
When I went to college at University of Delaware, many a pleasant Saturday would be spent in Philadelphia on South Street. It was artsy fartsy and as close as I could get to Greenwich Village without taking the 2+ hour trek up the Jersey Turnpike.

It was on one of these Saturdays that I found my favorite earrings of all time. The photo above is only my Photoshop re-creation of what they kind of looked like. They were silver hoops, flat and thick with a design etched into them. Centered in each hole of the hoop was a circular charm with the Mona Lisa on each side. This inner portion could spin – so really think about it – hoop earrings with a spinning Mona Lisa inside…it was sheer genius!! Especially since I was an art major.

Oh, I loved these things…I wore them all the time…which was the problem. I went to take them off one night, and only a single earring remained dangling from my lobes. Somewhere on the ground in Newark, Delaware laid my other smiling Mona. Lost forever. I went back to the store the next time I was on South Street, but there was not another pair. I kept the single earring for a long time, but even that turned up missing eventually.

I toy with the idea of making my own pair of Mona Lisa earrings. Now that I’m unemployed, I might just dive into that project.


Airplane Bubble Watch
Earrings weren’t the only things I found, and eventually lost, on South Street. I purchased one of the most adorable watches I’ve ever had in my life from some quirky little shop. The face was a little bubble with a cartoon map of Europe on it. What made it charming was the second hand was a little airplane that flew ‘round and ‘round. Adorable, right?

Not when you forget to take it off in the shower! After that, there was a permanent fog over London…condensation built up inside the dome and it never did work well again. I did manage to head back to South Street and pick up another, but I somehow managed to ruin that one as well…I think playing volleyball.

I just saw something similar to it on Ebay, but it wasn’t the real deal and they wanted over fifty bucks for it..Besides, I never wear watches anymore. But I think I’d wear that one.


My 45 Collection
Depending on the age of the reader, you may or may not know what 45s were. By the time I was an old married lady, I had a pretty decent 45 collection, some of which still had their original photo dustcovers. They were kept in a little box, with a little handle, specifically crafted to hold these mini records and keep them safe from breakage.

What my little box with its little handle could not protect my records from was hubby. When we moved from Jersey to Florida we had to leave lots behind. What wasn’t given away was thrown out. My husband saw no value in my stupid little box of pop music singles and threw them out. Into the trash went Love Roller coaster, Dancing Queen, The Martian Hop, and Come On Eileen.

We don’t even have a turntable set up anymore, but I still miss my records. I still break his chops about this at least once a year.

If I could turn back time, like Cher, I would take precautions to ensure the survival of these precious items. I’d also pet my cat Sesame, give my mother a kiss and fall asleep holding my Baby Tenderlove Doll.

Wouldn’t that be nice…