Everybody has their favorite “Seinfeld” episode. While there are tons of episodes that are good, (The Contest, Chocolate Babka, The Nipple Slip, Soup Nazi, Keith Hernandez) there is one in particular that stands out for me.

The Opposite Episode. It’s perfect. Each character has his or her own story line and they’re all good.

George: Down and out on his luck and totally in the dumps, he decides to do the opposite of every impulse he has. He winds up with a job with the NY Yankees

Jerry: When he loses one job and gets a call for another one, Kramer dubs him “Even Steven.”

Kramer: Goes on tour with his celebrity coffee table book

Elaine: Slowly becomes George.

Sounds simple, but it’s really very complex – it’s like a perfectly built 7 layer cake. Each scene, while important on it’s own, feeds off the last and builds to the next. Hell, I’m no TV critic. I don’t know what I’m talking about actually. All I know is this episode is freaking funny.

Some of my favorite points are:

  • Jujyfruit – For some reason I love how Elaine crams these horrid candies into her mouth throughout the episode. I personally didn’t think she was good enough for Jake – the most normal boyfriend she had on the whole show. I was kind of glad he broke up with her, especially since she ate popcorn first.
  • Even Steven – When Kramer pokes his finger at Jerry and says “You’re Even Steven,” I die. I also love how Elaine throws his $20 bill out the window, (you know, you could’ve just thrown a pencil out the window) and then Jerry finds a $20 in his coat pocket later on.
  • Kathy Lee Gifford – I’ve always hated this broad, and she sucked on this episode – and I like that she sucked. She keeps bringing up Kramer’s hair, like she couldn’t ad lib anything better. She looks directly into the camera at least once, which makes the scene seem amateurish. Then to make matters worse, when Kramer spits his coffee out, she shamelessly plugs her shitty Kathy Lee Casual clothing line.
  • The Forehead Butt – when Elaine is complaining about her woes, George makes a wisecrack about her moving in with his parents. She asks him if that was instinct or the opposite of what he was going to say (while pinching his cheeks together). When he answers “instinct” (with his cheeks pinched together) she says “stick with the opposite” and smashes her palm into his bald little forehead. I love this for some reason.
  • George in General – I think this is one of his best episodes. His enthusiasm in this new found religion makes for some great scenes. Admitting he’s short, bald, unemployed and lives with his parents, yelling at the bullies in the movies, telling off George Steinbrenner, and swinging his hat around while announcing that he’s been hired by the NY Yankees – it’s gold, Jerry, gold.

It ends in as much the same way it began. With one of Jerry’s friends up and at ’em, and the other down in the dumps. And Jerry? Still Even Steven.