BLOGGER’S NOTE: I meant to publish this days ago, but somehow forgot to push the “publish” button. doh!

My girls had no school today in observance of Veteran’s Day. Rather than having them stay home and fight, I offered to let them come to work with me, and then I’d take them to an afternoon movie. What made it more exciting was we were going to visit the brand new movie theater in town – an IMAX, stadium seating mega super duper plex.

It was about time we got one. All the theaters in town are run down shitholes with sticky floors, stale popcorn, and wiggly cup holders. We had decided to go see “Paranormal Activity 4” – we’d seen, and loved, the other 3 and this coupled with our maiden trip to the brand new theater made us giddy with anticipation.

I purchased our tickets – $25 for the lot of us thanks to matinee prices – and was delighted to find out that because it’s their Grand Opening week, we get free popcorn and soda. This day was getting better by the second! I can’t recall the last time I had my own popcorn at the movies. Usually we get one bag and one soda and pass them between the 3 of us. By the time I get the popcorn to hold all the butter is gone and the popcorn is more like confetti rather than whole kernels.

We settle into our seats and wait for the movie to start. It was scheduled to start at 3:20. By 3:40 we were still watching trailers and I had a headache because the sound was so loud. After a brief chat with the head usher, the lights went down and the movie began. Within 4 minutes I was beginning to get hot, and very, very nauseous.

Shaky camera syndrome has struck me again.

Just like when I saw Cloverfield and Chronicle, the hand-held camera effect they use way too often in films nowadays made my stomach do flip flops. I tried to wait and see if the camera would steady – perhaps just that one segment of the movie was going to be shot in that hand held style. But it was no use, I was really feeling sick. I dejectedly handed my girls their candy, grabbed my purse and headed for the lobby.

The girls knew – they’d seen it happen to me before.

I went to the bathroom and splashed some water on my face. Then I sat in the lobby for a few minutes. I tried to go into a different theater to watch any movie…The new James Bond film was only a few minutes in. I tried to watch it, but my stomach hurt and my head was pounding. It was no use – I was done.

The usher saw me wandering around pale and sweaty and asked if I were ok. I explained my dilemma, and he suggested I ask for a refund. My husband had said the same thing when I called him, but I figured a huge joint like Regal Cinemas could care less that I was out $8.50. But the usher assured me the manager would be happy to help me out.

And help me out she did! Before I knew it she was handing me back my money – she even asked if there was anything else I wanted to see while I waited for my kids. I was flabbergasted.

Instead I walked around the new shopping center that the theater anchors. But I really felt lousy. Even looking through the new Pier 1 held no pleasure for me. I was hot and headachey and no amount of bauble browsing was going to make me feel better. I sat on a bench in the drizzle until the movie was out.

Then there was the drive home in the dark and the rain. With bad wipers on my car.

I think I’m done with the movies unless I get a certified letter from the studio that no cameras were hand-held. And when I do go, I’ll give our new theater all of my business. They know how to treat a customer right.