Over the past few days Facebook has morphed into a place where I can read about the accomplishments of my friends’ kids and see pet photos to a veritable wailing wall.

See, most of my Facebook friends are old pals from New Jersey, many of whom still live in our hometown. Since the arrival of Hurricane Sandy many of them are still without power. But they have their smart phones, and the posts are plentiful.

Some are just screaming out into cyberspace things like “I need gas!” and “I want power!” Others are offering vital information, like where they can get hot food, or batteries. Others who have had power restored or never lost it are offering up their homes for anyone who needs a hot shower or a place to charge their phones.

Facebook has become a sort of life line for them – a place where folks in similar circumstances can reach out, lament and share information. And, as I’ve learned first hand, it is no place for any sort of light-hearted Sandy related comments.

A few days back I innocently posted that I wondered how many babies would be born in the northeast come July. It wasn’t the most original post – lots of people wrote something similar. But those people didn’t have facebook friends who were cold and tired.

My brother in law gave me some serious shit over it. His reply to my post?

“Just took ride through Point Beach, so devastating I have not been home since Saturday not sure if I have home any more. Glad to see ur husband has more sensitivity.”


He is referring to the fact that my husband had left him a voice message asking him if he was ok. All I had done was “like” a post of his stating that he was fine, but without power.

I responded, of course, telling him I was in no way trying to be flippant, and that he knows me better than that. At first I thought, “What a Nancy…” but I need to put myself in his shoes. He lives in a shore town – one badly hit. It’s Friday and he still hasn’t been able to get to his apartment to see if it’s still standing.

Now I keep checking his wall to see if he’s posted a favorable update. I really hope I see it, and soon.

Sandy isn’t the only reason Facebook is no fun these days – the election is also ruining my post surfing pleasure. As if reading constant Obama bashing meme’s and posts wasn’t bad enough, what’s worse is the election/Sandy combo.

Today someone posted a complaint about how long it took Obama to react to previous weather related disasters, and that he was only on hand quickly for Sandy because of the election. One of his friends posted a reply of “it’s better than Bush’s “fuck you” to New Orleans”. I “liked” that comment, and proceeded to unfriend him.

I don’t need that kind of negativity. I thought Farmville was a buzz kill – this election makes me want to unplug my Mac, pack it in the closet and learn how to crochet.

Wait, I can’t do that without Google and YouTube tutorials. Sigh.

I think it may take at least a week for facebook to return to what may be considered normal for me. Once folks have their power back and the election is over, posts should return to how the Jets suck, recaps of The Walking Dead and who’s listening to what on Spotify.

Unless Obama wins. Then I get to look forward to 4 more years of complaints. Yay.