The hostess with the leastest was put to the test yesterday – it was the day of my youngest daughter’s Halloween Birthday Spooktacular party. You may recall my angst over this party from a past post. Well, it’s the day after the party, and with the exception of hurricane Sandy, I am relieved and satisfied.

The days leading up to the party were tense to say the least. At the beginning of the week the forecast for Saturday was great. 70 degrees and only a 10% chance of rain. Then, it all changed with the insertion of hurricane Sandy. I have not thrown a party in the last 5 years that didn’t involve bad weather. I figured the law of averages was on my side. Yet, even with Sandy creeping towards my bouncy house, barbecue, and pumpkin painting, I refused to worry.

See, a lot of kids were coming. The last party I threw for my youngest 2 years ago only yielded a handful of kids. It was a few weeks before Christmas and it was a horrible day with freezing rain. I wasn’t sure if the lack of guests was due to the weather/impending holiday, or because my little baby girl was – well – a dork. When we decided to throw this party I was worried that nobody would come. I was happily mistaken. 14 kids RSVP’ed a yes, and 12 kids showed up, which was the perfect amount.

The day dawned cloudy and drizzly. My stomach was in knots, but I refused to believe Mother Nature would bend me over yet again. The bouncy house showed up an hour before the party was to start, and the kids and daddy had fun giving it a test run. By the time the guests began to arrive, the birthday girl was fully warmed up. And boy, did they arrive. It was like the red carpet at the Oscars – car after car waiting to pull up and drop their kids off. I joked to hubby that we needed a valet.

You know, I was worried that the kids would be clicky or bored but none of that happened. At times they were all together. At times they did different things – some in the bouncy house, some playing ping pong, other riding scooters. We painted pumpkins, had a best costume contest, and served some burgers and dogs. That is, AFTER hubby went to get more propane. It never fails. I run out of propane at every party.

Before I knew it, it was 4:30 and the parents came to pick up their kids in the same tight frenzy as they dropped them off. For 10 minutes straight we were distributing goody bags, handing out painted pumpkins and thanking parents. I had survived. I had aching feet, a twisted ankle and was nursing a glass of wine.

Then it was round two – oldest daughter’s halloween party. Thank goodness it was just down the street. We did her makeup and delivered her to the senior high school horror fest. I went home and got in bed. At 10:30 the phone rang – she wanted a pillow and her flip flops – it had turned into a sleepover. sigh. I had to shake away the sleepies and drive the 4 blocks to deliver her sleepover survival kit.

I woke up to windy skies and the keen need to get D batteries and canned goods. Sandy is coming. Virginia should only get high winds and rain, but we are sure to lose power. I hate losing power. I hate it.

Yet, the party was a huge success. Hubby was a massive help – he really stepped up to the plate. And to think a month before he wanted no part of the whole affair. I just feel a sense of relief and satisfaction. We pulled it off. Everyone had fun. It was a wallet drain for sure, but to see my little girl run and play with reckless abandon was just about worth the clams we had to shell out.