This weekend was one of those rare beauties…crisp, clear and cool. The perfect weekend for work outdoors, a hike, maybe apple picking.

And what did I do?

Well, on Saturday morning I walked into my oldest daughter’s room with my entire weekend looming before me…the possibilities were endless. And then she said, “AMC is running a ‘Walking Dead’ marathon. The first episode just started.”

Hmm? Whassat?

I had wanted to watch this show, but hate entering into a series halfway through. This was my perfect opportunity to try the show out. I’d heard so many people talking about it on Facebook and in the office – now was my chance to see what all the fuss was about.

I decided to pop a squat on daughter’s bed and give episode one a shot. And episode two. And three. Before long I was asking hubby if he could go to the store for me…there was no way I could leave. Oh, and I can’t cook dinner either so plan on getting take out.

I did chores during the commercials – cleaning the tub and folding laundry – but the bulk of my day was spent hunkered down in my kids’ bedrooms watching Rick and the gang fight zombies with a total lack of southern charm.

I watched all of season 1 and half of season 2 on Saturday – until sleep overcame me. Sunday dawned beautiful once again – a day that called for me to grab a rake, or a bike, or my sneakers. But instead I hunkered down in a dark bedroom once again to watch the remaining episodes of season two.

I couldn’t help myself – the show is so good. Predictable at times…the girls and I could almost always pinpoint when shit was going to go down. But the plot twists and continuous zombie skull crushing action kept me from ever getting bored. As a matter of fact, I burned our dinner last night because I got so caught up in the plot, that by the time the commercial came on our meat and veggies were rather crispy.

Funny thing is that by 9 pm, when season 3 was premiering, I was exhausted. I had been through the zombie apocalypse for 2 days straight. And to be honest, 9 pm is nighty-night time for me. I tried my best to watch, but by 9:30 I was fading, so I made the executive decision to take off my glasses, roll over, and go to sleep.

That’s what On Demand is for.

Stupid part is, I feel really guilty for wasting my weekend. I turned my back on all that sunshine and luscious fall weather in order to watch television…for TWO DAYS. But you know what? I am psyched that the weekend was mine to waste.

This was the first time in months where one weekend day or another wasn’t blocked out for some kid activity – driving tests, SATs, costume shopping. Those two days were MINE, and I spent them the way I wanted to. So I guess that counts for something.

And the weekend wasn’t a total loss – I became a Walking Dead fan. One more show to DVR and to savor while I sit on the couch with my feet tucked under me.

That’s if I can ever get the main TV away from my husband.