I am in an awkward TV time.

All of my favorite summer shows have ended or are coming to a close…Real Housewives of NJ and NYC, Master Chef, America’s Got Talent…and I find that I am in a sort of TV limbo these days. Where I used to have my entire week’s viewing choices plotted out, I am aimlessly channel surfing, trying to find my new tv groove.

There are shows I want to watch, but keep forgetting to. It may take me a few weeks to get them in my cross hairs and scheduled in the DVR – and then I have to try to remember to watch them. Shows like:

Survivor – I always forget to watch this when it first comes out – thank GOD for OnDemand. I really want to see this season because it has Blair from the Facts of Life on it, and I am curious to see how she fares.

Abby and Brittany – I have got to see how TLC is handling this show about conjoined teen twin girls. This better not be another Honey Boo Boo (which I am proud to say I still have not watched)

Life After Top Chef – I LOVE Top Chef. Therefore it is natural that I will give this spin off series a try. With both Richard and Fabio, I doubt it will disappoint.

Revolution – My girls and I like shows of this ilk. We really dug “The River” last season. We need to watch the two episodes that have already aired to see if it’s worth plugging into our viewing schedule.

The New Normal – I saw the last two episodes and loved them. Now I just need to memorize when it’s on and add it to my DVR queue.

Other tried and true favorites of mine just haven’t started yet but will shortly. These too will take me a few weeks to remember to watch. Shows like:

The Amazing Race – by far the best reality show on the planet. My oldest and I pick our favorites early and usually change our minds by the 4th episode. By then the d-bags show their true colors.

Boardwalk Empire – I have to admit I fell out of watching this show last season. Between that skeleton Nucky getting the lovely Margaret in his bony clutches and Jimmy bedding down his own mother, I lost my lunch AND my interest. But with so many rub outs in the last few episodes, I may have to watch again.

The Middle – Two years ago I watched this show on a whim and was immediately intrigued by the house that was so obviously 70’s, and a small child who whispers to his chest. By 8:30 I was a regular viewer.

The New Girl – Ok, I’ve never really watched this religiously, but when I’m bored on a Sunday I’ll watch episodes On Demand and I am never sorry. It’s a great show.

Notice I mention no crime shows or dramas. I can’t get into those. Ditto for anything involving dance. Or singing. Never got the allure of Dancing with the Stars, and American Idol sucked the minute they got rid of Paula. It was unbearable without Simon. Now there are just too many singing shows.

I’m sure there are wonderful programs out there that I haven’t even discovered yet – some little gem that I’ll stumble over when I’ve cleared out my DVR queue and am in search of something to keep my little brain entertained while I cut up veggies for soup or clean out my closet.

Or maybe I should just buy some I Love Lucy DVD’s. I never get tired of watching her.