I’ve been suckered into throwing another birthday party.

Ok, maybe not suckered, but definitely persuaded & cajoled. A little.

A few weeks back my youngest and I were browsing through a Halloween treats and ideas magazine while waiting in another notoriously long line at Food Lion. After looking at all the adorably cute things you can make for Halloween she said, “I wish I could have a Halloween party.”

I’ve always wanted to throw one – have the kids come in costume, bob for apples, play some games, decorate the house. I don’t know quite when it happened, but ever since we bought our own house back in 2001 I’ve grown increasingly fond of decorating it for Halloween. Now I am feeling the need to take it to the next level by throwing a party.

My youngest’s birthday is in mid December which is a horrible time for a birthday party. Most folks are busy shopping every weekend, and have spent enough money on their own kids and family that they don’t exactly feel like shelling out any dough for my kid’s birthday present.

We had a party at a local Bounce and Play joint a few years back. The December day was cold, rainy and slick. We invited around 14 kids, and only 6 showed up. Out of those 6 only 4 brought her a present. One mom didn’t pick up her child until 45 minutes after the party was over and offered little apology. It sucked.

But I figured a Halloween party might be the answer. it’s only 5 weeks ahead of her real birthday – and really, who has to know? Hubby thinks it’s dopey to have her party that early and is therefore boycotting the party – for now. But I suspect that is only temporary. He’s got good ideas and is great with kids – in time he might come around and lend a hand during the party.

The bouncy house has been reserved. Yesterday I designed the invitations, and they will be delivered/handed out by Friday. And now the panic is setting in.

I’m not a party thrower by nature – I’m a worrywart by nature. Therefore every waking moment since I uttered the words “sure you can have a party” have been filled with dread and unease. It’s 6 weeks away and I already want it to be over and done with.

My main worry is attendance. If I knew for sure that a majority of the kids would show up, my panic level would subside dramatically. Folks don’t RSVP very well anymore so it’s likely I won’t get an accurate head count ahead of time. I hate the idea of that Saturday afternoon coming and my doorbell not ringing. It will kill me, absolutely break my heart if my baby only gets a couple of kids to show up.

I’ll be happy if 6 out of the 12 come. I can make that into a party. But if only 3 show up? I’ll be mortified. Plus I’ll have to listen to hubby say “I told you so” for a decade at least. He’s still complaining about our oldest girl’s first birthday party in 1996.

I’m sure you’ll see more on this topic in the weeks to come. This will consume me until roughly 4:45 pm on October 27th. Then I will pour myself a big gulp glass of wine and just relax.