My first born is in her senior year of high school. It’s one of the best years in a child’s life; you’re young, you’re almost finished with high school, and the whole world yawns before you. And in my book, she’s doing everything right so far.

She’s getting involved. My girl is a bit of a wall-flower. She’s shy by nature, but has a funky streak in her (just like her old mom). Last year she got involved with the theater group at her school, which while totally unlike her, has really helped her to grow. She’s a natural at memorizing lines, and is really devoted to each play she takes part in. I doubt she’d blow off rehearsal to see an episode of Little House on the Prairie…

She’s excelling academically. School has always come easy to my girly-girl. I’ve rarely had to help her with homework, although she does tend to drag her feet on book reports, and often hogs the computer the entire day before they are due. This past week she received her class ranking and GPA from the guidance department. She’s got a 3.75 and is ranked 32nd in her class of 305. I’d call that rock solid – and I have a feeling she’ll improve that number before the year is done.

She’s making new friends. Let’s face it, by senior year, you usually have your set friend base and tend to not invite newbies into your circle. But along with her new found love of theater came new friends who also have a love of theater. It’s a no duh, really; after all those hours spent together in rehearsals. I tend to like these friends. They are fun and expressive and outgoing, as folks who lean towards acting tend to be. But the beauty of this is she has not ignored her old friends – she’s managing to find time for both.

She’s way more social. She’s attended the last two home football games and is really enjoying the interaction with her classmates. It’s a night where you walk around, talk to a variety of people in a variety of cliques and perhaps watch your team win (last night they lost). She’s also been invited to some sort of party or get-together almost every weekend. While this has sucked for me, the family chauffeur, I am thrilled she is getting all these invites. I’ve suggested she throw a get-together of her own – even though our house is tiny we’ll make it work!

This year is going to fly by. We are going to visit 2 colleges this month and a third in October. Before I know it, my baby will be out in the world experiencing Act II of life. I think this last year of high school will really help her to grow – will help to prepare her for that part of life where she begins to call the shots. While she won’t be totally on her own, she’ll be living life with a lot less mommy.

Now if she’d only get her learner’s permit…