In one week my work is throwing the biggest party of the year. It’s to celebrate the publishing of their biggest issue where most employees have to work 12 hour days for 2 weeks straight. I don’t work for said publication. I work for the red-headed stepchild publication that nobody cares about, but I am invited to the party anyway. So are roughly 300 other people.  And they bring people. By 8 pm it’s a mad house

The first year I got the impression that kids were not allowed. So at 15 & 8, we left our girls at home deciding to only stay a few hours. The party had inflatable slides, flashing rings, circus performers, and KIDS. Yes, many guests brought kids ranging in age from 4 to 13. I was bummed, but decided to just enjoy a night out.

The second year, I again left my kids at home. The party had more inflatables, more performers and more KIDS. Right then and there I vowed that I was going to bring my kids the next year, end of chat.

So today, as they finished sending the big issue to press, a client called asking if she can bring some of her under age employees (17 or so) to the party. She was told no – the liquor law requires that all attendees are of legal drinking age. So, I actually speak up, which is rare for me. I said how the last two years there have been tons of kids at the party, and that I was planning on bringing my kids this year, but only staying for about an hour.

I was not told “no” outright, but I got the impression that it wouldn’t be wise to show up with a 17 & 10 year old in tow. It really bummed me out. I had told my girls I was taking them this year – they were really looking forward to it.

Now my dilemma is, to go or not to go?

The Pros? A night out with Free wine.

The Cons? Free wine. Standing alone drinking free wine. Having to drive home after standing alone drinking free wine. And my girls who sit alone at home bummed that they can’t go.

And why am I standing alone? For one I’m not all that friendly with anyone at work. I like them, and they like me, but there is a significant age/coolness gap. I think they won’t mind talking to me for a minute or so, but they want to party with someone who shares the same decade as them. And lets face it – I’m like so four score and twenty years ago.

Hubby has to work, so he’s out with the exception of a 20 minute drop in.

I just don’t think it’s worth doing the hair, make up, and trying to find anything I might look remotely good in to stand around alone with a glass of wine looking like a loser.

I might go for a half an hour or so. I might go and see if I can get the girls in and if I can’t then we can just walk up the street where hubby works and watch the free concert. Or I might just stay home and play Battleship with my girls.

Nobody at work will miss me. And wine is fattening anyway.